Mundai Pohms

I have so so so many poems kicking around. These ones are vague enough to share, but still zesty enough to be rad.

The End of November 1

Sometimes these moral dilemmas are necessary.
Proving you're human is never more revealed
Then when your mind and heart turn on one another.

It touches upon existential questioning; 
the idea of "what is right" becomes increasingly subjective.
Nothing is black and white.

So which do you listen to?
One can only carry both for so long...
Take an opportunity, or stick with what's known.

I think, either way, the heart is going to lose in the end.

The End of November 2

Joking around along the overpass
A silence comes over us; 
As the cold rain pours on both our faces,
He's wondering if I'm fucking someone else
And I'm thinking about what to make for dinner tomorrow night.

UpTokes - a limerick!

I made it to the front of r/trees
Holy moly, I am so pleased
It was my first ever post
So I feel I must boast
And speak of my Reddit disease

My post was inspired by Sean
Rode the roundabout all night long
It gave me a boner
'Cause I'm such a stoner
Now I'mma go hit this bong.

Something a little personal

I've looked at things this way when I was young
Close the blinds because I'm scared of the universe
Can not conceptualize the future; it's not important
But there was that looming anxiety.
Unjustified; more haunting in that respect.

The world was a thin dome of glass and it would be shattered,
Bringing new shades of grey to your wet eyes.
You knew the moment things became dark
The last night of innocence was filled with 
trivial things and superficial interests.
Superficial. Irony perhaps.
No time like the present
... to destroy on impulse.

I wish I knew you, as if you had never let go of the glass universe I called home.
Picking up the pieces has taken too long,
and things will never revert.
What's left is three pairs of emeralds, 
They shine so beautifully together; 
broken apart from the brittle dome they once shared in serenity.
Scattered, and longing for reunion. 
They are the only ones who truly understand.



Hope for something bigger than our selves.

    "Sometimes, when I wake up, I feel like I'm still sleeping. I feel like all the colours and shapes in the world have collided and all I can do is just sit there and watch. I think a person's heart has a way of turning off when it can't find reason. I guess that's why nature has always had an inspiring presence. Everything follows a purpose. I guess we're missing something. Why do we struggle to breathe a more righteous breath? When we all end up in the same place? I'd like to hope our history is worth remembering, and in print of careful design. A feeling of heartfelt purpose, and a sense of hope for something bigger than our selves. Then, maybe I'll wake up."  -- General Lee Briggs
     Over the past 4 years a movie had been in production. Thought about it was first spoken in 2006 and since then me and thousands of other fans had been waiting for it. The movie is titled love. An epic idea from the band Angels & Airwaves. Scored by the band, produced by Tom Delonge and Directed by Will Eubank.

    Since Tom first spoke of the movie, there had be speculation of when it would be coming out. Dates were constantly being pushed back. There would be months without any word about the movie. Finally, in 2007 a trailer was released. A movie called I-Empire, which would be share the title with the bands second album. But time went on with no word, and it became kind of a joke that the movie would never be released. Lastly in 2009 a trailer was posted on the apple store for a movie titled Love. After all these years it seemed like it was really going to happen.

    I finally got to see the movie a couple weeks ago with Xes. I couldn't have been more happy with how it turned out. It's defiantly an artistic film and is not for everyone. For only having a budget of 500 000$ it is extremely impressive. If you like the movies, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris or Moon then you'd probably enjoy this movie.

    The plot of the movie is an astronaut named Lee Miller has been sent to the International Space Station alone, because it has been 20 years since humans have occupied it. While he is there running test, making sure that it is still safe for use he loses contact with Earth. There had been some sort of apocalyptic event killing off the human race. The main focus of the movie is the time he spends on the ISS alone. As he tries to stay sane, it depicts what it would be like living a lonely life on the claustrophobic space station. Slowly going crazy, he imagines seeing previous members of the ISS on board and communicates with them. Though still keeping the sense that they're his imagination and he knows they're not real. After finding a journal that was brought on board of a captain from the Civil war he makes a incredible discovery. Love has climatic end, that is very 2001 like. In the sense of it using a very quiet, artistic, almost confusing close. The movie as a whole explores the important need for connection with other people and the limitless power of hope. It shows that everyone has a story to tell and they have something even greater to leave behind.

Love comes on as a special edition double album Love Part One & Two and Love the movie on 11-08-11 and I encourage you all to at least go out in watch it. Don't go in thinking it will be some high action blockbuster, rather go in with an open mind and try to listen to the message that it's trying to share with you.

And a little input from Xesetarip:

For such a low budget film, it was extraordinarily well done. I had only watched the trailer going into it, I'm not familiar with the band, and I certainly was unaware of all the previous hype of it's slow development. So as a 'stranger' to the film, I was very impressed with it. It had a really slow pace all throughout, and I know it initially made me restless, but as the movie progressed you could sense the intentionality of the pace. It uses a lot of elements to emulate the imprisonment of Lee Miller and make the audience feel his confinement. Trippy as hell too ;). Sean said it was similar to 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I (regrettably) have never seen, so to me this was kind of a new concept. So emotional and has a nipple-hardeningly good message. I'd highly recommend checking out this movie, even if you're unfamiliar with it.


Here's the trailer.

Enjoy, Izan.


Paradisiacal Procrastination

Hello readers! And that means you! The 3 special people reading this right now! You!

It's been a fucking long time since I've wrote anything, but summer is over and school has started and that means it's time to sit back, stress out and procrastinate. 

Nobody likes doing work over the summer so all we do is get drunk and live our meaningless lives out like they're a paradise with no rules or responsibilities. Now that it's almost October and midterms are about 3 weeks away I think it's the perfect time to stop doing homework and start doing blogs? YDG?

Today I have my Illustration class and I was talking to some loser kid, I'd prefer not disclose this persons name with you all, but I'm sure you know who she is, and have been reading a lot of her poems as of late ;) (Major hint at who it is I'm talking about) Anyways, like I was saying, I was talking to her in class WHILE doing work. We started talking about the blog and how I should start writing more often. I tried to explain that I have a mountain of homework and that shit is only getting bigger and that I don't really have any time for it. So she nagged me on and on until I realized; "Da fuck am I doing?" Obviously I've missed you all and this blog was lacking a hell of a lot of sexy. I ended up ditching my real work and starting something stupid/fun.

I seen kids sleeping next to me so I felt "At least I'm fucking drawing, these noobs aren't even conscience." Our assignment we're working on right now is a Character design project for a fictional game we're working on. We're suppose to be doing a front almost-T-pose. I had already done the basic sketch of the body so I decided to spice it up. This is what I came up with.

It started out with  The Me-Gustatman...Mind your self all these names are working titles.

Second to be created was Spokerfaceman

Third. Forever-Aloquaman....Because he sucks!

Lastly you have Trollerman

I hope you've all enjoyed these stupid procrastination sketches and that you all enjoy your Midterms by not doing homeworking and not studying for your tests! I WILL BE BACK!




Monday Poems! Wait, what?

I honestly thought it was Monday. Whoops. Here are some poems anyhow. No they don't rhyme. They never do.

This poem is mediocre but passionate. I wrote it 3 years ago regarding my boyfriend at the time. He was suffering from a mysterious and unpleasant neurological disorder called Kleine Levin Syndrome and it became quite the struggle for us. 


Will you remember me tomorrow?
Sometimes I question.
Are you there?
I love you.
It's so hard
to see past your cold eyes
into where your heart used to be.

Will you remember me tomorrow?
Right beside you,
I've never felt so alone.
I kiss your cheek and you feel
Where are you?
Somewhere in there.
Same face,
different heart.

Will you remember me tomorrow?
The days I wait for you
to come back to me
I feel:
Gradually my soul becomes
Dead, like yours.

Sun rises
Please, remember me tomorrow.


I wrote this poem when I was super baked; somewhat old but still 2011. Those are the best ones. 


Cognitive reality distorted
Living zombie
All external realities elated
Pulling away in a tube of three dimensions

Do your soggish feet get devoured?
No but...
Creamy, thick wind, ever looming
Why I could sit here all night
and not feel a thing!

But darling, heart burning, linger
For I don't remember what is in your spine
That's the captain
And the cheesecake is waiting for you
Icy cold, and hidden underneath it all.


This one is recent.

Under. Lying.

I hide my love for you 
In someone else's bed

You wrote the rules
I play the game.

I'll be in your arms
Tomorrow, my darling.

It seems transparent
Yet more underlying

In this competition
Of who cares less

You have me caught
Cat and mouse

You have my whole heart
Except the part that's honest.


Also very recent and one of my favourites.

Take Your Sunglasses Off, You Look Stupid 
("Subway Poem")

Hovering along on the inside of a tornado
I feel invisible because no one acknowledges me
Yet they can sense my presence as I pass by
I swear I heard the escalator --ascending beside me-- scream "hello!"
I fly through corridors subconsciously
The metallic monster roars past me...
And them I'm calmly situated on the old red fabric
Trapped in this tunnel with the rest of the world
We float on together, never minding our own business
Flower buds in my ears make mother's voice go away
But I know where I'm going.
So I drift along. Listening.

I'll write a comedic one next time. Thank you for reading my darlings!

Your soggish sex machine,


Xesetarip Bashes What You Wear

Back to school means a few things:

1) Blogtime (it's like productive procrastination)
2) Friends (they're neat!)
3) Trends in style and other shit (I'm judging you)

More so the latter in this case. You must understand, I am stupendously superficial... like, I'm a dick. 

Brief anecdote:

I was walking on Dundas and I saw this couple holding hands; the chick was dressed... normal?... but the dude was wearing dirty, baggy sweatpants. I found myself thinking, "if my boyfriend ever wore sweatpants in public, there's no way in Hell I'd hold his hand." Sweatpants nullify any prior attraction or love. Gross.

Offended? That's okay. This is me when I was 16. Greasy hair, sweatpants and tacky scarf. Sexy. 
I took so many pictures of myself that day. For shame.

 Atrociousness: 10/10

I also dislike the following. And it's okay because I use myself in [most of] the examples... right? 

Plaid with Plaid
AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! You got some plaid shorts? SICK! Plaid shirt? GROOVY! If you find yourself thinking they're both plaid therefore they must match; I'll wear them together! then HALT RIGHT THERE PARTNER! I can't say much more than: pairing plaid with plaid is the worst combination ever ! EVER !! You could be the sexiest man alive:


Combining plaid with plaid:

Sorry babe, but you're going to have to die.

Terribleness: 11/10 

New Balance Shoes
Y'know... white running shoes. Not cool ones though... Like, the ones you wore in grade 6 gym class. Some velcro, some not (for you keen chillun). When I'm out dancing or bar-ing or looking for some hot ass, and I see a dude in these shoes... NO SOUP FOR YOU! Instant anti-lady-boner. Unless you're at the gym or something...

You can tell a lot about a person by their footwear and these shoes tell me "I don't know what a clitoris is". I'm sure a lot of chicks like them?

Ugliness: 10/10

Hipster Hatin' and Imitatin' 
Everyone makes fun of hipsters and hates on them and such.  I'd say hipster is the new 'emo'... Similar to emos, hipsters behave a certain way to obtain- yet always deny- their title. 

2006 - Emo?

2011 - Hipster? 

Amiright? Now, I have no problem with the hipster image. It's a particular style, and a good one. What bothers me is that so many folks make fun of hipsters, yet half the people I see out on the town look like they came from an Urban Outfitters American Apparel Black Market Value Village Misc Vintage catalogue. I know there's more to the hipster stereotype than apparel, but c'mon kids, you're halfway there when you imitate the way "they" dress. I put "they" in quotes because we all know hipsters don't really exist. Duh. Ask one if you don't believe me. 

Dreadfulness: ?/10

Red Lipstick
I remember when only moms (and adventurous men) wore lipstick... I really dig that it's commonly worn by young folks now. But! Red lipstick is a dangerous thing. I was going to make a survey and see how many people own red lipstick but then I didn't care that much. I bet a lot of people do though. My point is, red lipstick doesn't go with everything. It hardly goes with anything actually. Lipstick-ify with caution!

Unpleasantness: 4/10

Photo Booth
Re: photographic style. You have a Mac which is cool but... It's really not that cool.

Annoying-ness: 3/10

Ps. I downloaded a couple apps to my iPhone that can edit pictures for you to look all artsy without Photoshop. And they do a pretty sick job! FUCK THOSE APPS! Real Photoshop ftw!!!...? (4/10)

Toms Shoes
It's all fancy marketing. The video opposes Toms' "One Day Without Shoes" campaign.  I don't really have a heart so I'm not going to act or anything but still... Watch!:

"Aid should start by asking communities what their needs are, rather than what will help American corporations sell an image of being socially conscious." ^

Cynical tings mon.

Ps. They're super ugly too.

Disagreeableness: 5/10

Fake Specs
I have glasses and they suck. Why would you want glasses if you don't need them!? I understand this trend... people look good in Wayfarers for sure! I just can't get over the fact that someone would wear glasses unnecessarily. Am I way off here? 

I'm also guilty of this. Methinks this was grade 12... oh dear.
I'm such a fucking tool! 

Lameness: 7/10

Honourable Mentions:
Yoga pants as regular pants - I don't have an ass so really it's just jealousy.

Uggs - I own 'em but boy are they fucking ugly and don't look good with anything!

Canada Goose jackets - Lol wut? Not that cold yo. I guess parkas are neat.

Tattoo of your name - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Silly.

Chipped nail polish - Happens to us all but boy does it look nasty.

Pants - Remove them

"People with short hair who wear toques" - Sean's response when I asked him. Personally I think it's the sexiest look going ;)
Infinite sexy/10

Fashion victim,
or fash'm slave?
You make the call!

-Dr. Steve Brule

Thesaurus: 10/10

-Xesetarip xoxoxoxoxxx


Whole Muffins

I'd rather have half a muffin any day. No. No I wouldn't.

Advice from Izanrelur:

Man whole is way better than half. Like,

1) You get the whole muffin and

2) What happened to the other half!? Did a hobo eat it an' get his sloppy germs on it!?

3) It's a fucking whole muffin!

And that, friends, is why whole muffins are better than half muffins, and half muffin should not be mistaken as have nuffin' because then there isn't even half a muffin... there is just no muffin at all.


Should you?

Well since exams and final assignments are coming up, and school is coming to an end hopefully we can start posting more and more each week....and finish our story....but for now I leave you with this flowchart I decided to whip up.

Whatever you choose, happy smoking ;)

- Izan