Are We Allowed to Blog About Music?

Because my brother and I have very different tastes in music. At least he doesn't listen to country. But let me tell you what I'm in love with right now: Vampire Weekend (take a listen). Pleasurable n'est pas? I duno. I'm just grooving around my room and it was on my mind. I'm also in love with another band that is new to me, but I will discuss that at another time.

Other exciting news! I have been playing around in fabric and I made a bandeau! TAKE THAT American Apparel. I just saved myself $15 and I don't have to wear a bra, muah ha ha. Mind you, it's kind of ugly, but it does the trick. Methinks I'm going to get more into sewing at whatnot. I have a bunch of old clothes I'd like to make "new." Tie dye would be fun...

Well that was a pointless rant to no one (except for some nonchalant lurkers for whom I thank). I'm going to go practice vegetarianism-- err pescatarianism is what I'm doing-- and make a grilled cheese. Ciao for now!



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