Day #7 157

So this is my 7 157 day on earth and I'm feeling like this life isn't really anything to be proud of. I haven't really accomplished anything or don't see my self anytime down the road. I'm actually really, really tired. My father woke me up quite early this morning so its fucking with me. I don't really know what to write here as I'm a brainless zombie at the moment. I need food. Since this week has been retarded, as if the sun was like 'fuck you Earth, you're going to shit so I might as well cook every living thing on it', a bunch of us are prolly going to go to the park and do something that is not sitting on our asses and starring at a T.V./computer screen all day.

I hope lots of people start reading this shit....I'll feel super bad if I spent all this time (which was around 3 hours maybe? but that is 3 hours longer than I normally spend on anything) doing it for fucking nothing. If you are reading this please tell your friends, family, tweet it, Facebook, take an ad out in the paper...I don't care just spread the word to the world that me and my twin are going to take this planet by storm and it will probably not be the same ever again.

This is Izanrelur signing out. The odds of me coming back are very very very high though seeing as I'm partially in love with the internet and computer in general...Maybe I'm like one of those people who fall in love and marry inanimate objects. Oh well. Good bye friend.

Izanrelur (& Xesetarip)


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