If this is a genocide am I considered the leader?

So yesterday was a very busy day. I went over to my grandmas and did some work for her, which was gay and cool(cause I got paid) at the same time. But my jobs were to sealer her driveway which was basically painting it with a black coloured liquid. My second job was to wash all her windows.

I'm going to interrupt this with something I seen today while shopping in Zellers. A little boy probably 6 or something was walking behind his dad holding on to a Justin Beiber cd and was saying 'Do I have to share with Emma? I always have to share with Emma and I don't want to have to share it. Do I have to share with Emma?' and it was the funniest, cutest things in the world.

Anyways back to the main topic...the painting of the driveway. So the painting isn't really much to talk about it's kinda what built from it you know, well you don't but I'll tell you.

I had to power wash the drive way previously to painting it and this must have disturbed a huge colony of ants because after the water dried there was prolly around like 2000 running about on a little area by the side door. So I stood there watching them and it just made me kinda think about the life of an ant. Each one on their own set path doing their own thing, crisscrossing each other as if the ants were the traffic of a major city at rush hour and I was god looking down on them. I had to stand there for a while and just soak it all in as I thought of strange and weird things about the ants. Do they know I'm watching? Do they actually know really anything other than they need food, shelter and what not. What do they actually think about when they're doing whatever they're doing. How do they go so fast and never seem to bump into each other. Racing a speeds equivalent to size would be well over 100 kmh and never seeming to hit or disturbed the other ants in this raving frenzy. When suddenly I had the sudden urge to kill. It was at this moment that I turned from a loving person just interested in a tiny creature and there doings into a evil maniacal monster and lived and breathed destruction, death and sorrow. It was at this point when I took my paint roller and just rolled over the pants covering them in paints and stopping them in there tracks almost as if it was Hiroshima and I was tossing a atom bomb on them. I had completely terminated there rush hour like turmoil and left it with nothing but single sole survivors centimetres away from each other, dazed and confused with what just happened and slowly dying from the fumes or the substance that now covered there almost lifeless bodies. After all this had happened I then continued to stand there and think what have I done? Has it really came to this that I need to disrupt nature like this just to jump out of a trance like day dream of the life of an ant. This then made me thing that if this was a genocide would I be considered the one man who had control of it the whole time and just decided that it was the right thing to do and under his puppet strings made millions of people take the time to wipe out an entire race? Well I stood there and thought and came to the conclusion that I needed to probably start working again because it was getting bloody hot out and the idea never really popped back into my head until I started writing this over 8ish hours ago.

I think though that if I were to had this situation happen again it would probably not turned out any different. As a human being the idea of violence and what not has been fused into my brain from being exposed to movies, video games and the internet and we live our lives that stuff like this is normal... and that sir, is life.

Take it easy everyone.



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