Is It Really a Story?

The thing about self-reflexive pieces is that no one likes them. But I always seem to sit thinking about something fictional to write and nothing turns up. While under the influence yesterday I tried as well but could only come up with a nonsensical rant and a very bizarre poem that even puzzles me. I was just sitting at my kitchen table with a hefty bowl of Reece Puffs (among other goodies, like frozen strawberries, if you'll note my last post) and this image of a piece of string came to mind. And it was like a character. "Bill the Heroic Piece of String!" But besides the image of this thick blue string descending from ... who knows where... and moving around as if it were dancing, I really didn't have a story in my head. And I still don't. Sometimes I think I have no talent for anything. Maybe I've grown up too much of a history buff. I'm not really a fan of most fiction anyway. Even with a lot of movies: I scrutinize them if they include things that are illogical; I know it's not real but if it were then "that would never happen!" But seriously, how fucking ridiculous is a piece of string character? I mean, that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard and it came from my brain! I think I might be on to something (albeit shitty) here!

In the meantime, I have an identical twin who needs to pull his weight. Write me some fiction m'fucka.


Ps. My tattoo has gone scabby. Here is some Photoshop:


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