Kudos Broski...

...On your marvellous HTML. It's funny, I learned it for portion of a semester and I am nowhere near as skilled. But at least I can spell...

On another note, I must say that I am not pleased with mother nature right now (and no I don't mean my period). Yesterday it was all like "Oh, I think it should be cook-eggs-on-my-forehead temperature" and then the weather man deceived us by saying "THUNDER STORM WARNING" and so everyone was all excited. And guess what? It rained for 5 minutes (all of which my twin and I spend chillin' outside) and then stopped. Da fuck? So sure it cooled things down a wee bit but just enough so all the mosquitos came out. So here we are with large slushies at the park kinda chilly and getting eaten alive by bugs. I have a gargantuan bite on my foot that woke me up at approximately 6 am, scratchin' away. Thanks mother nature. I am sad.

Anyways the java has stopped brewing and I need to feed my consciousness.
-Xesetarip (& Izanrelur)


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