Monday Poems


I get to see some good people today
I get to see some good people tomorrow
I love to see my good people
And I also love a PB&J sandwich.

I will see my people,
and I will see my people
and I will love my people
and I will eat my sandwich.


Banana, banana
You are so large
Irregular as far as bananas go
And sometimes
despite the hunger
(and need for potassium)
I can't finish you
Because you're just too large.

Funeral Fun

I have to tell you someone's dead
My morbid ways; it'd be a pleasure
I think she fell and hit her head
I'm going to take this up for leisure.
Let's get dolled up! It could be worse
At least it's not your mother.
Our stagecoach there will be a hearse
And black is kinda my colour.



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