Okkk I'm DOOOOOINGG it.....

I've decided to start on the top music because of my fellow sister who stated below. My friend has recently been building quite a name for him self on Myspace in the techno genre under Chase Wonder so to the 0 people out there reading this I'll post a link at the bottom. Ok since I've got that out of the way I will start.........which then leads to procrastination....but once again I'm going to start.

What is up with black people? I mean they're black, sometimes they stink, they talk funny and they act like total DICKS! I don't mean to call out the entire African-American race or anything but there are some of you who need to chill the fuck out! Though there are some from every other race to that could possibly fall into this category but I guess I can talk about them later. Today well I was walking in a grocery store there was a man or afro......actually I'm kidding I love everyone and everything, I don't hate, I love.

What I'm going to talk about is today ( technically yesterday) we lost someone very important to us and the surrounded population of the planet Earth. On May 28th 2010 Gary Wayne Coleman passed away. On May 26th 2010 Gary was taken to hospital after hitting his head and suffering from a intracranial hemorrhage. He later than lost consciousness and was put on life support. Gary did not come back to us and we lost him at 12:05pm. Hearing about this I was suddenly engulfed with sorrow and sadness rushed over me. I'd been watching Diff'rent Strokes and Arnold Jackson would and still is one of my most cherished T.V. characters. I can remember watching the show on a Saturday afternoon and laughing out loud all by myself. To people watching by the window it probably sounded sort of like a whale getting raped by a mongoose, but to me it was love. Gary Wayne Coleman - Gone but never forgotten - February 8th, 1968 ~ May 28th 2010.

This will bring me to my next post...which is going to be combined into this one!!!!! DUN DUN DUN. Celebrity deaths. Some people get really emotionally wrecked and some just say 'That sucks, but I didn't know them so oh well.' But the thing with Celebrity deaths is that for people who were inspired by this person, grew up watching or listening to this person. You did know this person. Some famous deaths in the media in history are; Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Pope John Paul II, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and most recent Michael Jackson. These people had an incredible amount of inspiration on the people around them and everyone who knew or didn't know them in person still knew them. I will always remember that day in June when I found out that Michael Jackson died. I was in shock, I had grown up with his music and I still love a lot of it. I didn't care for the charges or anything, maybe they were true, maybe not. I didn't care that he was weird and had some strange things done to change the way he looked. The man always put everyone before him. Always putting the fans first and it showed in his music and how much he put into his shows. I watched his funeral live on T.V. and it was pretty hard to watch. Me being a 'man' and all I'm not suppose to get upset or anything but at the end of the ceremony they played my favourite song by him 'Man in the Mirror' just the instrumental with a single spot light shining on a lonely mic stand in front of everyone there. I'm going to say at that moment a single tear rolled down my check. We had lost an amazing talent and I don't care that I never met him, he changed my life.

So I think I'm done for now. I'll just leave you with one last thing to remember Gary Coleman. R.I.P. little fellow. God Bless You.



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