Relationship Between Music and the Number

So I've decided to write about a sick band I've been digging for a while now. They are a metalcore band but are so much different than any other bands out there. They are also a super small band and you probably will never have heard of them and neither have your friends.

How I found out about the band was probably normally most people find out about bands is a friend told me. I was up at his place in Guelph in the summer and I was sitting there in his bathroom doing the dirty and beside his toilet he has a poster of this band. Rosesdead. So I finish up and when I got out I asked him about them and he told me they were really sick. He put the CD on a buddies iPod and it wasn't until a couple months later I finally got a hold of the music.

So I put it on my iTunes and take time to sit down and actually listen to this CD and from there I was blown away. Right off the bat you can tell the band is a metalcore band but it is still nothing I have ever heard ever. First song 'The Structure' hits you with the amazing screams from vocalist Matt Wedge and near the middle it turns from fast guitar riffs to a slow breakdown just to cool everything off but the best part is that after they come in with a melodic sequence that just blew my mind as if i had a giant dick for a brain. From there it hits the climax of the song and I'm pretty sure I blew dick-brain load. Another sing part of the album is that it feels a hell of a lot like a concept album. The 3rd song on the track 'A Wake in the Water' proves that an interlude/instrumental song doesn't always have to be a boring clash or sounds. This sound takes your head and slides it's warm raging boner of sound into your ears as your take it all in, this leaves you in a sort of comatose where everything around you if gone and you just hear the music. One of the best parts about this band is their lyrics. They are not only perfected to the point of over 100% awesome but they are not really your typical boring random lyrics. Their lyrics are about life and what you go through, your ups and downs and everything in between. They write about how sometimes life can feel like a big giant piece of bear shit but after you climb that and scrape some of the dried shit from your teeth the other side is exactly what you've been waiting for. Some of my favourite lines from songs our;

Starting From Sand - 'Hear is my, my love for change, my trust in time, my faith in dreams....my faith in dreams. Thoughts pour down like rainfall. I hope that glow never fades.'

The Surface - 'Make mistakes, live your dreams... Live your life, makes mistakes... Make mistakes, live your dreams... Live your dreams, make this real. Let light rain down on me.'

The Surface - 'As I stand here, I realize. In order to grow from what once was, all of this needed to happen. Now I'm finally where I need to be.'

Those are just some that stand out a lot during the songs. The worst news though is that this band is no more. They broke up in 2008 and this brings great sadness. But I'll leave you with their Myspace and you HAVE to check them out!

P.S. Camille sucks:P

- Izanrelur


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