And YOU LOOK Like The Kind of Guy Who Listens to Akon...

I'm skipping the Monday poems this week because I'm not feelin' it. It's awful to spend so much time crafting something when you know it's not really your full effort. Like I just told Sean (who is yelling at me for no poems this week) "the only thing worse than no poems is poems without passion."

I've really been giving "prejudice" (in regards to common stereotypes) a lot of thought lately (and before you instantly stop reading thinking fuck she's gonna be all 'wah wah I'm a girl with a lip ring life is so hard' I assure you I am not going to feed you moral bullshit about why you shouldn't judge people. People look certain ways for a reason; it's no accident. This won't be sappy).

Now we all know that everyone is prejudice, because if we weren't then we simply wouldn't be thinking would we? You can't engage in human interaction without some kind of inclination as to how your attitude should be. Or else you'd just stand there drooling mindlessly I s'pose. And if there isn't any human interaction, then I guess you can think whatever you want mais oui?

So hypotethically speaking, how is one to gawk at another human and have no thoughts? What thoughts should you have if you don't know the person? I am a big fan of "people watching"... particularly downtown; everyone is fascinating. I remember one day I was homeless (literally) and I sat at Old City Hall for 4 hours and watched people. I'm going to tell you right now I wasn't thinking neutral thoughts (though that is the proper thing to do...?). Fuck that shit. And I definitely wasn't thinking I bet she's nice. I bet he's nice. about every person either. My mind was more like I bet she takes it in the ass and boy, that fellow sure looks like a sexual predator. Maybe not that extreme but -- okay yes that extreme but I assure you it wasn't always vile and negative. Either way. I was judging these people... but how. And how did I know which description to match up with which person? It sure wasn't random.

People make themselves into whatever stereotype they want to be prejudiced ("pre-judged"? I duno... you know what I'm trying to say!) as. Maybe they don't even know it but everyone does it... Obviously it's not accurate because "everyone is different blah blah blah" but is there some truth? Perhaps others' prejudices help shape you as well?

Just lately I've been exposed to quite the spectrum of people and they've all kind of wow'd me. Story time: The other night at a party, this guy comes up to me (super randomly) and says "you look like a girl who listens to metal." This was basically another person's stereotype of me being whipped in m'face. Of course he was correct, but I didn't think I was giving off the "oh hay I listen to metal l0lz" vibe. Like, no band t-shirts or anything. I was dressed more so to be giving off an "oh hay I'm homeless, got any spare change?" vibe. Then I took a look at my comrade... only to see he was an Abercrombie-esque jock. Sayyywhhaaa4444t? So, basically my prejudice to him was nullified immediately. I honestly would never have approached him at a social event. Either way, he shoved his iPod in my ear (such fabulous innuendo this could be!) and basically rocked out. Later it was one of those "if my friends ever saw me with you, they'd be like da fuck?!" type deals.

I think it's weird because it really is the way you look and your attitude that makes people approach you in certain ways. Methinks you might not be consciously aware of it but I mean there's something there that makes one metal-listener dress in Abercrombie and one as a homeless man. And it's not all about the music either; just general interests. Personality. Charm ;).

For example... there is this uber attractive, blue haired, pierce-y, tattooed, mohawked son'uh bitch who works at D-Tox who I see all the time (and buddy, if you "Stumbled-upon" this, sorry for mentioning you...) and today he engaged in conversation. And he was annoying. I just thought reaaaaaalllly!?!?!?! Like, I had such a good perception of this fellow. But I also s'pose first impressions can be wrong too. So I'll go back to D-Tox...

I feel like, prejudice + first impression = a pretty valid formula into figuring someone out (hence why Mr. Blue Hair needs a second opinion [muah ha ha] because the two cancel each other out).

Honestly, I don't know what I'm talking about. I think this made more sense in my head. But yeah. Keep judging people by their stereotype because there is some accuracy in it; it is intentional. And if ya like their "vibe," I'd say let 'em wow you with their... whoever the fuck they really are. I duno. It's fascinating to me. Very very cool. I made friends with an Abercrombie kid who I never would have given the time of day had he not stereotyped me. Shit's weird. But it can happen.

Yay for prejudice!


Ps. Every girl I see wearing Lululemon pants I think "she'd better be on her way to the gym... otherwise she likes it in the ass." Haha love you Tal, you slut.


xkait_babex said...

i love this! its so true! i had never really thought about it this way before. ive never really been the kind of person to automatically asume every aspect of someone's personality by thier first impression. (not that i think this is what you were insinuating but i will go on..)
i totally agree that first impressions say alot about a person, but i think there is a time where the cheesy phrase "dont judge a book by its cover" comes into play.

everything about a person when you first meet them ; their hair, clothes, body language, the way they talk.. everything has an impact on how you will view that person. and i think that even if you go on to know someone for years after, you will always have some kind of reccolection of that first impression, and that it stays with you in some way.

i dont really know what im trying to get at lol... but i guess ill just say that i LOVE finding out new things about someone that i never would have expected. i think its because i wouldnt want anyone to make asumptions about ME, and stick with ONLY those first perceptions they make. I mean sure, first impressions are there for a reason... and we'll always make asumptions about people at first, but its good to continue to explore a person (get your mind out the gutta) to see if they will surprise you.


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