Hello I'm a Mac and I'm a PC

In today's world computers are basically everywhere. You probably can't want 10 feet with out seeing something like a computer, unless you're in bum-fuck-no-where-Africa, and computers are just going to get even bigger while they keep getting smaller... if you know what I mean. The one main thing about computers is that there are two different people. You're either a PC or a Fag... I mean mac. Today I'm going to not just take the side of the PC as I normally would and I'll explain why the PC is better.

We'll start off with a brief history of the Apple company. In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak created Apple together. They started with the Apple 1 which was essentially amazing to those days but is nothing in today's world. in 1984 Apple released the first Mac. Slowly after that Apple had fallen into a slump and sales dropped. It wasn't until Apple released the iMac in 1998 that they started to become profitable again. Then after that the iPod and basically everything you should know after that.

Well all that was going on Apple had been in the shadow of the big corporate Microsoft. In 1975 Bill Gates came forth to the creators of the Altair 8800 and demonstrated his programming language then called BASIC. After this they then released the Altair BASIC. In 1978 was when Microsoft was officially founded. IT wasn't until 1985 that Microsoft released the first version of windows. Since then the company has grown into what they are today.

I'll start with the Mac and explain their pros and cons. The hardware and software of a Mac work really well together almost as if they're genetically born in the same womb. The OS is also very easy to work and organized and *coughs* boring. Another huge pro is that they don't get virus' or spy-ware. As for the negatives its a huge list. They cost BALLS more if you were to buy the same system as a PC....Da fuck is up with that? The main reason I hate macs is you can't customize them. You can't build them or upgrade them really. What if parts of the computer fail? stop working? Fuck you're not fixing it your self, you're shelling out 100s of dollars to get it repaired. Games man, games is all I'm going to say about that. I will end with that it may not be hard to find software for the Mac, not everything runs on a mac which is a lot of stuff. Though you can hook up windows on to a mac using special software 'I honestly couldn't survive without windows on my Macbook pro' -Cameron Wright. Why buy a 4 grand Mac to run Windows on it when you could spend 1500 and buy the same exact PC.

The other side of the story though is the PC. We'll start of with the major pro is Customizable! You can build them, upgrade them, fix them you name it and you could probably do that with the hardware. That and the hardware is generally better and cheaper. Basically the library of software ever created is at your finger tips and this goes with video games also. Windows 7 is a well built, easy to use OS. As for the negatives if you're a retard and don't know what you're doing it's easy to get a virus. This goes with screwing up your OS... and I mean complete retard for that one i.e. someone saying deleting System 32 saves your computer from virus' and you go and do it. The OS can be kinda sketchy sometimes if you don't know what you're doing. The free software the comes with the computer is usually pretty shitty.

Thus we come to a conclusion that neither are technically better. Well it's basically about preference but we all know that the PC would beat the fucking shit out of the Mac in a boxing match. I'll just end if with go PC or go to hell :D

- Izanrelur

Ps. What the fuck is up with the right click? why is it default you have to hold a button on the keyboard. Why does it make me go through settings to make it have a right click. It's retarded! Default the fucking right click! Fuck.


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But seriously Macs are way better.

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