Kids These Days

At work today something miraculous happened. It actually took me by surprise and left me with a stumped-but-sincere grin on my face. I was working in the dining area (yay lobby shift!), getting 'er all cleaned up and whatnot and I went in the play place area to wipe tables. Then BAM this little kid, in an ignorant state of play place euphoria, ran past me and hit me on the way by. And just as my conscious was about to say to itself, what a stupid little shit, the kid said "sorry!" I could not believe my ears! A kid. With manners. At McDonald's!? I never thought I'd see the day.

And as if that wasn't enough, when I was leaving the play place carrying a bunch of trays, newspapers and other shit this other little boy held the door open for me. Let me tell you, this kid was like 10. And never in the history of my work has a little kid sacrificed ten seconds of their playtime to hold the door open for me. And rarely in the history of my job are kids polite. Like, very very rarely. So I was already in awe from ONE kid being polite to me and then suddenly another one has manners? It was too overwhelming. I kinda spazzed mentally and was like "thanks SO much bud" to the kid.

Then I thought, could my perceptions of children be wrong!?

...The answer is no. They're still accurate.

Obviously the bliss can only last for a short time and then all the little assfaces come back out to play. I was washing the doors (which are so stylishly made of glass... which I guess would classify it as a window? But with door handle.) and this kid runs into it thinking it was a push door and gets his greasy-child-diseased fucking fingerprints all over it. Now, most people (including kids) with half a brain would realize that if you push a door and it doesn't open, it is either locked, not a door but in fact a wall, or you have to pull it. But no. This little shit head pushes the door again with his slimeball hands. Thanks a lot kid. Then mom and dad figure out their kid is a dumbass and open it for him, and I hold open the second set of doors for the family. NOT ONE OF THEM SAYS THANK YOU. Were they raised in a barn? Likely. Probably why their kid is so dumb. And greasy.

Later in my shift I ended up [accidentally] holding the door open for this family of fucktards again because I didn't realize it was them. If you're rude to me once, you don't get a second door-holding. Nope, nuh-uh. Anywho, they didn't say thank you and then Mommy Bitchsomuch starts complaining to her miniature dumbass about how the table I just cleaned isn't clean enough and how the "cleaning lady" (me!?!?!?!) should do something about it. I wiped her table with a decent amount of fake McFrendliness and alas, no "thank you."

So. I have come to this conclusion: Dumb ass ill mannered ugly greasy parents lead to dumb ass ill mannered ugly greasy kids. Please raise your pets-- err children, the right way. It's weird that the fact that a child was polite astonished me so much today. It's sad that majority of the kids I see at work are all terrible brats and they obviously reflect their parents. I know I'm making too big of a deal about this but it's something I see all the time and it's so frustrating. Before I worked there I liked kids a lot and now I have this bias that they're all obtuse devil children.

At least there are some who know what they're doin'. Momma raised me right. I guess :P


Ps. This is so shitty. I will compensate with Monday Poems. Promise.


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