Miscellaneous Thoughts of the Sober Variety

I can only update my Facebook status so many times in one day. And I still don't know how to use Twitter (not that anyone would read mine anyway) so here are some Seinfelds AKA thoughts that are redundant yet interesting:

Why do some people only sneeze once (like me) and others can sneeze like 4 times in a row? I think only once have I sneezed twice. How come it's the same every time!?

How can McParfaits (my one true love) be only 2g of fat (plus like.5 with granola) when they taste way better than ice cream (and the McFlurries have like 20g)!

I prefer the rain. And to rain, I prefer storms. And to storms, I prefer... parfaits.

I wish people driving in front of me would realize that when you drive over a hill, you have to accelerate more. It's science or some shit. MOVE YOUR ASS.

I also wish the stupid tweens would realize that I'm not afraid to run them over if they walk in front of my car.

My final wish is that Sean will discontinue to text and drive because I fear for his life.

Macs are better than PCs.

I made Gatorade (from powder) in the blender today because I can never stir the crystals enough so they dissolve. It worked!

I've never called in sick to work in my life... and today might have to be the first day. I'm all sneezy and I don't think that's ideal for fast food.

I feel guilty really easily and I hate it. It makes me do stupid things like not kill bugs or never call in sick to work.

Phlegm. Delicious spelling of a delicious word.

Finally... Here is an awesome car:
Or check out this bad boy. $7,100 on Auto Trader oooh baby. Wicked custom paint job.



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