Monday Poems #2

Oh, Just An Adventure

I went to Arizona
We drove there in the car
Seriously nothing rhymes with Arizona
It was really fuckin' far.

We chose to drive through Bowmanville
It seemed the proper way
The excitement made me super ill.
At least the music wasn't gay.

We got pulled over by a cop
"Hey where are you kids goin'?"
"Oh shit, sorry for slowin'"

Once we got past the dim-wit
Sex radio was airing:
"My fetish is a girl to shit
On me while she is swearing."

We got there before midnight
And saw a cactus or two
We left quickly and with fright:
We saw the dude with the poo.

Dynamiitti Napoleon

Napoleon Dynamite lives in my closet
He has the best hair
He and Kip in there together
I didn't know they were there.

Ps. Aaron Ruell is cute and should maybe
be a musician or something.

If Only You Could See The End

there once was a boy
you met him too
didn't you

he had a strange aura
kind of peaceful rather

you can't help emotions
they just come
his too poetic syntax
glued in your mind; paralysing your body



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