Monday Poems... on Tuesday?!

The Antonym Of Rough

There are soft things around my house
I'm thinking of them presently
Things like my dog or my silk blouse
And to the touch they're heavenly.

I rub my feet in my blanket;
Oh boy does it feel euphoric!
I roll around on the carpet
Yea, you bet I'm that eccentric.

I seem to have a static charge
Perhaps I will come and zap you
The static makes my hair enlarge (for lack of a better word)
And-- holy shit, it's soft too!

Midnight Snack

Triscuits, Triscuits
Such marvellous biscuits
But such strange spelling
I shouldn't be dwelling.
I have Triscuits.

To You, From You

it can, at times, be too much to absorb
it's safer if you go for what's true

look at yourself
do you wonder
how different things could be
and what it could be like

just an idea
because you know you can always begin again
don't let your life be hindered

right now, your feelings may be covered in ash
i think soon you'll see
your heart will come out of its coma
and it will be beautiful

Much love and sexy times,


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