Montreal Trip Part 1 : A flower!?

I am back from Montreal and have recovered fully. It was full of bars, friends, music and just generally relaxing. On Thursday morning we left at 10:30am to start driving to Montreal. We just blasted music for 4 hours and 30 minutes as we drove there.

The fun really started when we got there. We got up to our room, dropped off out luggage, sat down and cracked open our first beer. After about 3 we decided to go up to the special club area that came with out room. Before we left though we made sure we all poured our beer into a cup so we had a 'traveler'...would have got in trouble if we got caught but we didn't so who the fuck cares! Chilled up there for a while and went back to the room for about 4 maybe 5 more beers then decided to head out to our first bar.

We jumped into a cab and got dropped off at some french named street. Don't remember the name of the bar we went to first but we went there. Sat down and got some pizza and more beer. We got to know our waiter a bit and bought him a drink...I guess you can drink on the job in Montreal. More beers as the night went on and more drinks for our waiter but eventually we got up to leave and go to a new bar. As we were leaving though we walked by a table with 4 really drunk men who we started to talk to. A crowd of 7 or 8 clubbing girls walked by and the guys whistled then one laid down a 20 and said Sean go kiss one and you can have it. Since I'm in a relationship with a girl I love very much a happily declined this. They 4 guys got up to 80 dollars to get me to do it which I still declined and they walked away drunk, happy and I'm sure a bit disappointed.

We started our way back to the hotel but slipped into bars on the way and grabbed a beer here and there. Eventually becoming really fucking lost, I mean it's hard to navigate an unknown city when you can't even tie your own shoe you're so drunk and everyone is speaking some foreign words you can't even contemplate how to begin to understand what the fuck they're saying. After a while finally running into a English speaking guy who is staying at our hotel...though he is absolutely drunk and lost also, which ended up with us taking a cab like for 30 seconds to our hotel.

The next morning started out with 'Where the fuck is my credit card?!' Which I responded 'Fuck man! I dunno'. My uncle then proceeded to call and talk to the bank, no charges were made after ours and that was good so he put it on a suspension. The one thing that is really bad for a really bad hangover is walking up hill 20 minutes in scorching heat to see if we had left it at one of the 100 bars we went to. We finally found it at one bar. We asked a waiter and he sent us on a 10 min journey to find their security room. When we get there they have it but one problem, my uncle forgot his ID to claim in. FUCK! luckily this is Montreal and they don't give a fuck and they gave it to us.

The rest of the day was just site seeing around down town and getting lunch. The evening though was the reason we went to Montreal... The Musical Box concert. I will finish the other half tomorrow so you better check back to find out the rest of the weekend.


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