Montreal Trip Part 2: The New Jerusalem

Friday night was the night of the concert and it was at the Bell Centre and we were meeting my uncles friends so we met at the bar attached to it The Cage or something like that. It was pretty cool had a bunch of Montreal Canadians shit in it. We get there and meet up with them. Phil was an English teacher at a school so he spoke English well. Alain spoke the second best English but Phil would mock him when he said something wrong, which was pretty funny. The other people we met were Alain's neighbor and friend John Michael, Alain's lawyer, his girlfriend and her brother. An amazing surprise that Alain had was that the tickets were for 3rd row center and that they were completely free (He has connects with the band and is part of the crew) that and we had backstage/after party passes. So we ate, drank some beers, they went out and smoked some weed (I did not) and we entered the Bell Centre and walked to our seats.

As we were coming in some boring opener was playing (Usually when The Musical Box performs there is no opener but apparently in Montreal there is always an opener....he was making me fall asleep). Fortunately he stopped and the lights dimmed. It was fucking time! The band came out and 'Phil Collins' stood 10 feet away from us as he greeted the crowd in French reading from a paper sheet (Which was all acting because Denis, the man who plays the singing part of Phil Collins is fluent in french). The opened the show with Dance On a Volcano and the excellent part was since the Denis-Phil couldn't play drums as he would walk over to drums to start to play them he'd walk behind an amp and would switch with the Marc Laflamme-Phil though with Makeup and everything going on on stage you would hardly notice it. The first song that actually stood out to me was Firth of Fifth, which was a song played at the Selling England by the Pound tour. I think they did an excellent job performing it and the extended drumming by Marc-Phil was amazing. Though the highlight of the show has to be the performance of Supper's Ready. A 23 minute song of epic proportions. I'll say it now that I prefer the Selling England Show, so naturally I liked the Supper's Ready from Selling England but man this was an amazing performance. During the part of 'Apocalypse of 9/8ths' Denis-Phil appeared from a platform above the drums and was dressed in all white and had an immense amount of spot lights on him making him shine like crazy. Then strobe lights follow and it seems like the world is going to fucking blow up and you get the feeling of death and destruction coming around the corner and your balls shrivel up into your stomach. Then out of fucking no where SMOKE! Like fuck! so epic I have a huge boner but I'm pissing my pants scared at the same time cause the song is so emotionally scary! Then he comes back to sing "666 is no longer alone, He's getting out the marrow in your back bone' so right there you're know you're pretty much FUCKING SCREWED! like completely DONE! This dragon is going to have your head. Then out of no where A FUCKING LASER! Like not just a fucking laser pointer it was like a fucking 360 degrees fucking laser stick on stage! As it was mixing it with the smoke it was pretty fucking sick to. Denis-Phil got up and started moving it around and shit. Pretty fucking intense! Also I should add well this is going on there is a projected video above the band playing of like bombs going off, people getting killed and like a hurricane killing shit. Like you have to understand that this part of the song is like That little boy down the street who used to kick you in the balls and steal your lunch money well you walked to school. I can imagine that all the people here who are stored have already or are ready to shit there pants, seriously like prairie dogging it. But then suddenly everything quiets down! We fucking won man! He comes out and sings 'and it's hey babe with your guardian eyes so blueee...' The smoke is rising but is the stage is still filled and you can barely make him out. MORE SMOKE!!!! At this point the music has basically turned into a giant penis shaped thing and is fucking you all over. Suddenly again the fucking laser comes back! OMG! LASER:O but not is moving. It goes from a wide circle to a thin one, fucking up and down to the ceiling to the floor. During this, Denis-Phil slowly ends the song Supper's Ready. After this the crowd stands up in there there sweaty, cum fills, pissed pants and proceeds to give a standing ovation for about 10 minutes. The song is fucking epic. At the bottom I will give a link to this song and man Fucking take 23 minutes, turn the lights off, turn your fucking speakers up and listen to this song. You're piss and cum, trust me. Every song after that was amazing but nothing really compared to that. After that we went backstage, met the band, drank free beer and partied it up. Then slowly waddled our way to our hotel.

The next day was kinda of a tourism day. We went out to Old Montreal and looked some crazy shit. Went into a church called Notre-Dame which I'm sure is a replica of the one in France and JESUS it's fucking huge and epic. We decided that since the tickets and all that were free we would get Alain a 100 dollar bottle of 18 year old Scotch. Around 4 we checked out and started making out way to Alain's house which was in Beloeil kinda like how Oshawa is to Toronto. We got there and started drinking some beers, Alain made us an epic dinner and we just listened to music and drank the night away. We decided to open the bottle of scotch and take one drink so we all poured ours and gave a cheers. I then shot it back and found out it tasted like crap LMAO. Apparently you're suppose to sip it. But after that first and only round we then took another one. (I should let you know it is Me, my Uncle, Alain and Phil and Phil had to be to school at 6 am for some fund raiser.) But the night ended around 3. We were all pretty drunk and decided to play Supper's Ready on Alain's stereo as loud as possible and we got to half the song when the stereo broke. I'm pretty sure at this point the whole bottle of the scotch was done and Phil had to get up in 2 hours. So he went home. Alain then went to bed and my uncle stayed out side taking random drunk photos (which he has on his camera) Finally going to bed at around 4 and then waking up at 9 to come home hung over. In the end it was a fucking EPIC time and I can't wait to go back and hang out with Alain and Phil which were really fucking nice, down to earth, chill french guys.

So that was basically my trip to Montreal. Here is the link to this song. Download IT!
Genesis - Supper's Ready



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