Random Thoughts Again. Not Sober.

I can't wait to move back to Toronto because it is fucking amazing. Also I hate it here so much. Only 3 more months and I can return! I'm so excited. Methinks I'm going to transfer to work down there so... yea... it's where I belong for sho. I really miss seeing the stars though. It's a compromise I'll have to face.

There is too much hate in the world. I hate hate. I use the word so selectively because it's just thrown around inappropriately (yes I used it in the previous paragraph. It was justified). People all around me choose to look at things negatively. Why? I don't know. It's nasty. People are nasty. And I hate how they hate for no logical reason.

Why is everyone talking about Eminem?

My TV receiver was confiscated from me. My laptop was confiscated from me. My marijuana was confiscated from me. My soul was confiscated from me. And so were my clothes ;).

Thank you for "liking" our blog. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! (The pink is to show love).

I'm sad because Sean said, "Imagine if I died." Don't die. Friends. Listen to me. DON'T DIE BECAUSE I'LL MISS YOU!

I may say "yo" and live near Oshawa but believe me, I'm not a gangster.

Sean just said "There's nothing to do when you're dead" BUT HE COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG. You can look at people naked and haunt people and walk through walls and fly and pretend you're Harry Potter and watch any TV show you want and scare people and eat lots of things for free (because if you steal it, really, WHO will suspect the ghost!?) and travel to Europe and swim under water for a super long time and yell at strangers and be all poltergeist-y and view your own damn funeral. Ps. If I die, I really want the green hearse from Six Feet Under or something of the like to drive me around. Also, no dress code. I don't want you concerned about your fashion. I want to be the hottest one at the event.

Have you thought about your favourite colour lately? Because sometimes I do. Mine is either light grey or vermillion. I simply can't choose.

I am drunk. How fuckin' awesomely do I type!? You should see me text. I'm a machine. I should be in a circus or something.

Did I mention I miss Toronto? Holy moly.

All I want to do is listen to music but because my laptop was STOLEN form my room (I am being punished you see [being a devil child has its ups and downs]) my iTunes is unavailable. And since my iPod is SO small and contains only 337 songs (which is hilarious when I'm on song #1 in shuffle and it says 1 of 337 or 1337 [nerdy? Naaah. Sexy!]) I CAN NOT LISTEN to all of my new tunes and I AM SO UPSET.

I saw a shitty band tonight and had a lot of fun. There were hot men. And I'm content with that. Like hot drummer. First of all, musicians are automatically hot (if they're actually like, good, and not lame). Secondly, drummers are even HOTTER (I mean, me and Kels are drummers [ish] and how fuckin' hot are we!?!?!). Finally, he was actually good looking too. So... wow. On this note, I recently realized that every guy I have ever been interested in is scronny and a musician. SO! Fellas. Want to take a strange morbid chick on a date? If ya meet the prerequisites let me know. Heh heh.

Night folks

Ps. THE NEW LAYOUT IS AMAZING! Izanrelur kicks ass

Pps. Sean said he'd try and convert me to PC... that will never happen. Sorry bud.


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