Before you read, turn on this song:


Serenity is the best feeling. In the world I think. Well... I can think of something maybe equivalent but let's not go into that right now... ahem...

Anyway, this weather has been fantastic to my mind. Just the epitome of relaxation. Nature has a way of doing that to you. Right now it is very windy and I can hear it rattling on the windows. I was trying to relax earlier and it was as if the wind went, "hello there. I will calm you down and give you the best feeling in the world, babe," in like a deep black man's voice. And I decided to venture out into the yard to greet the wind. I plunked myself down and let the atmosphere do it's thing with me.

Call me cliché but after the occasion I lit up a cigarette and just vegetated in ecstasy. And by that I mean I smoked a j and ate a banana :).

I came back inside feeling like... well generally just fantastic. And I can still hear the wind; making my house creek. My iTunes has some sort of psychic ability to understand how I'm

feeling; it serenades me with exactly what I need to hear to clear my mind.

I don't want to be surrounded by negativity. I feel like I've found this peace that I can activate (for lack of a better word) at any time. Kind of like a meditate-on-the-go type thing. Wherever I go there is an overpowering amount of emotion, and it's hard not to get involved. Peoples' behaviour is often emulated by those around them. And I feel like I want to keep my guard up from that; I've learned it only does harm.

So when I experience minute things like the sound of the wind, the smell that comes when it rains, a cloudy haze in the sky, a show of lightning, the seagulls in the drive-thru...

I feel tranquil.



Ps. This is a baby maple tree that warms my heart. I wanted a picture of lightning but I didn't have one and I'm not about to steal someone else's photograph.


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