The Worst Monday Poems Ever

Similar Enough...

I love metaphors
They are beautiful
Like the sunrise.
And that
My love
Was a similie.

But I Don't Eat Steak!

This is what I ate for dinner
Rainbow variety
Oh, so delicious
Usually one should feel bad
Thinking about it, I once had a pet fish

Well NOW It's Tuesday, Fuck

I need a poem that will rhyme
But also have some meaning
11:50, I've got no time!
So I will just keep writing.
"Meaning and Writing? Those don't rhyme!"
"Hey, you already used 'rhyme' in this poem!"
"That sentence had too many lines"
Damn critics; don't want to know 'em.
That shit was awful, holy shit.
"The same word, twice, in one sentence!?"
Fuck metapoetry. I quit.
G'Monday folks, and good riddance.

A 4th poem!?

I know it could be wrong, yes

But I've found it

I'll keep it up

I'll keep acting up

You live in your miserable world

and dwell and mope and philosophize

We share the same miserable world.

I'll let my thoughts away with the wind

trailing on the sad sounds.




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