Good Font and Dance Party

I am drunk. Because. I went to Sean's Canada Day shindig and drank an abundance of tequila and PBR. I type well. Be astonished. It's the content that will be peculiar. Here are some random (and all too honest) thoughts:

-See this Courier font? It's my favourite in the world and I'm getting my next tattoo written in this font. But maybe bolder.
-I eat spinach
every day
-Guys who are academically smarter than me are hot. As long as they're not cocky about it.
-Why can't people drive? Like, really. Speed limit. If anything, exceed it, don't go below. Fucker.
-The concept of "getting butterflies" is weird. I'm too badass for that shit. Right...? :( Sorry, sentimental music is playing.
-I like to have dance parties. Well, I like to dance. And whether I'm alone or with people... when yer dancin' it's a party. So please, play some music and LET'S FUCKIN' DANCE!
-Did you know the Queen was in Etobicoke? Weird eh? She was probably originally going to Toronto but got scared because of the riots... heh heh.
-Okay... cake. Let's have some.
-Please please talk to me about music. Just do it. I love music. New music I don't know but maybe should know? Please. And then we can have a dance party together!
-What does Obama do every day? Like, what kind of alarm clock does he have and what time does he wake up and what in the fuck does that man eat for breakfast? Hopefully eggs. He seems like an egg guy.
-My boyfrans, dey be doctors:
-Bret and Jemaine are haut.
-They only charge 5c what a bargain!
-I'm sure they know what they're talking about. If not, their accents will entertain you until you cheer the fuck up.
-Buy me Bret's hat for Christmas
-And Jemaine's scarf
-How convenient is it that no cars have run them over yet?
-I'm tired.
-Jemaine looks better with a beard than without
-I like Jemaine better
-Bret is a hobbit anyway
-I want to learn to play "Robots" on the spoons
-That made no sense. I meant washboard.
-Or guitar. Or ukulele for added pizzaz.
-I spelled "ukulele" and "pizzaz" wrong.
-The cool thing about having contacts is that you can buy all the sunglasses you want and STILL be able to see.
-The cool thing about having a lot of shoes is that you have a lot of shoes.
-I'm way too fucking tired for this and this is awful.

G'night at 3:17am,


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