Stand in line roll call is where the liars died

So I decided to do something different today to spice up the blog...to get away from the boring paragraph after paragraph of usually boring shit that no one really reads anyways...but If you do we have a wonderful Facebook page you can like....*waits for you to go like our page* As you all may know my twin is quite talented at writing and I personally think her poetry is bitchin' and we got to talking and that turned in to me putting up some art I've made and a little bit of lyrics to read while you either enjoy the pictures or have your eyes suffer. So that's all I got for now. I'm trying to get back into this blog writing thing but meh, life's shit and I'm lazy.

Remove sprockets from the machine
Cross wires touch down
Lights out put out the fire
It's right now it's a white sound
It's a transcendental toothache
You'll be feeling for miles
Be just like a battery might try, might lie
While you're breaking the waves
Take a break for a second
Words don't write themselves
~Tidal Waves: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

And I feel such defeat
Such broken lies in your home
And I feel such pain
From those beautiful brown eyes
And you reach for those words
To wait in line
And I feel such deviance leaving you now
~Tidal Waves: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Make you happy at your best
You'd noticed all of this meaningless
I destroy you even through
The only things that i have left for your
Condescending eyes looking at each others
White lies my heart ache is useless
So quickly we will address the shadows running from light
It'll take this breathe denying what is left of us

If you could just wake up tonight
I'd be with you under the sky
With you tonight
~Burning Down the Nicotine Armoire



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