Last name ever, first name greatest.

So I'm kinda drunk and I'm just going to fucking speak whats on my mind and I don't care you know. It's just going to be little tid bits here and there cause I'm playing a video game, so when I die I write. So I just died...sad...or is that a good thing? I don't know.

OK...WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH PEOPLE WHO TYPE LIKE THEY'RE ARE FUCKING RETARDED. Like when they type shit wrong on purpose cause they think they're gangster or some fucking cool hip kid when really they're just a unintellectual lazy piece of shit. My buddy was telling me how some girl on his Facebook always spells the word 'tired' 'tierd' LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN! GROW SOME BALLS AND LEARN TO TYPE FUCK OFF AND GET A JOB! IT just pisses me off. This was maybe cool when I was 12, everyone would use the short cuts and after time I just grew out of it. Punctuation started and spelling fixed it self, but I guess somewhere down the line this didn't to happen certain kids. I have this quote from someone's Formspring,

"Why don't you spell words right?
Cause I don't leik to spell shit right.. it doesn't hurt anyone.."

This is where they're are wrong. It does hurt people, it hurts the person writing cause it just makes them look like a stupid dumb ass retard cocking licking piece of shitty fag. I want to focus on her main answer 'Cause I dont leik to spell shit right' I mean this is probably the dumbest shit I've ever read. Why would someone want to make them look like they dropped outta school in grade nine, are living on the streets and sucking dick for some crack? Beats the fucking hell outta me man. I have a response to this Q'n'A.

"i lik the way u typez same as me baha who needz to spell proprly
Haha thats what I'm sayinnnn! I spell tons ov stuff different.. for instance.. ov instead ov "OF" and .. I deno instead ov I don't know :3"

Not only does someone reading the site respond with basically 'Hey I'm a fucking stupid retard too' but the person running the Formspring decided to give us a little lesson on how to be a 'I dropped outta school when I was in grade 9 and now live on the streets and suck for crack. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying the person IS this, they could be a very smart person but the from the way they type they just downgrade them selves and make them look kinda stupid. I just mind fucks me why people would want to do this... maybe they get off on it? type with one hand and jack off with the other well the person they're talking to are all 'What the fuck are you talking about? I don't understand you' while they read this they just go nuts, I don't know...or in their case 'I deno'

So I guess that's my rant for today.

-Izanrelur....take it easy everybody.


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