Monday Poem: Fear

Je suis très heureuse! Pourquoi? Parce que Sean apprend le Français! Nous le parlerons ensemble! (I don't know if that's the correct word...)*Insert humorous French laugh here.*

So today is supposed to be Monday poems, and as much as I don't want to put any effort into conjuring a poem, I do have some inspiration. Or at least an idea in my head. I am going to break from my usual pattern of: 1st poem = rhyming semificion, 2nd = about food, and 3rd = random/serious... just today though. Food is such a key thing to write poems about :)! But yes. Here is today's singular Monday poem (yet again, on Tuesday).


An ill-lit path awaits me
Why am I so indifferent?
I feel no inhibitions natural to the human condition.
I am a wanderer.
The passage swallows me whole
And deprives me of my senses.
Where you would turn and run,
I overstay my welcome.
I am elated with the sensation of nothingness.

Why do we wonder what is around every corner?
We obsess over the unknown:
Fear this, fear that.
It's that irrational caution I can not feel.
My mind is clear and my heart beats slow
This alleged menacing ally does nothing to me.
Yet I feel everything.

Internally I am cold.
I don't worry; there's no rationale.
It's like when you're a kid;
Scared to go in the dark basement.
The possibility for a horrific consequence.
It's the nothingness that scares us.
Yet that uncertainty enthralls me.

There is a haunting mystique in the shadows
I am enchanted by the night.
I'll take path of gloom;
Overwhelm my body with deprivation
Of that which keeps us so comforted.
I do not fear.
It could be naïveté.
Or maybe I am just at peace
With the darkness.



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