My Sheets?! What The Fuck!?

You know you're a nerd when, second to Facebook, you download a Dictionary/Thesaurus application to your phone:

You- I just got this sweet ass phone you can download groovy applications to.
You- Oh yeah? What have you downloaded?
Me- Facebook and a Dictionary/Thesaurus.
You- So, you know you're a nerd then I s'pose.

Hypothetically, that is what would happen if you and I were to discuss it.

SO, my main story today is the mischievous little mosquitos have found the secret entrance to my room and I have yet to find it. I, the girl who doesn't kill bugs, have killed 2 mosquitos this evening. But I get really nasty scars from bug bites. And I let them have one free bite before I kill them, because they're just trying to survive. Therefore, I have been bitten 4 times since I got home from work.

Also, I need to find this secret entrance to my room. Because maybe it will make it easier for me to steal away in the midst of night.

WAIT WAIT sorry to interrupt but this is important. Listen to this! It's wonderful. Everything about it. I'm grooooovin' to this baby. Anywho...

Is it super abnormal of me to always have my fitted sheets not-so-fitted in the morning? Like I can tuck them in like crazy but they're always off of the corners of my bed in the morning. Sheets are stupid and this makes my life very difficult. Like right now, I'm just staring at my untucked sheets knowing I'm going to tuck them in and then have them untucked in the morning. I don't think I squirm that much? Do I?............................................................................................................................................................ There. I paused and tucked my sheets in. This better be worth it...

It takes two to tango, but only one to play the maracas!

I can't write any more because I'm too tired! 4:19am. I will commence tomorrow with a sober mind and a few ZZZs (and those are pronounced "zeds" not "zees").

For now,

G'DAY! IT 2 DAYS LATER --AND IT APPEARS I HAVE CLICKED "CAPS LOCK" eh hem. The reason why I didn't write yesterday was because I was too busy buying the most fabulous shoes in the world!
Okay I understand why folks could potentially think they're awful/hooker shoes but I've been in love with them for years and I can't believe I fucking own them! They used to have them in a different colour and I wanted them soooo bad but they were too expensive. And one day I was like "meh maybe I should just get them" and then they were GONE. I checked the site and they stopped selling them. Then a couple months later I check online and I see these limited edition beauts. So I was going to order them because I went a little crazy... and then I went into D-Tox and saw them and freaked out like a little girl and bought them immediately. It was pretty much the happiest day of my life. Okay not really but I was super happy. $76 well spent.

Just take a look at this:

SEE THAT SHIT! My sheets are pulled off again!? Seriously what the fuck am I doing in my sleep to make this happen!? I need some kind of tranquillizer or something so I stop squirming. And some nights it's worse than that too! Like its off at the top and bottom! This is just bewildering to me. No matter how much I tuck the little bastard in, it still comes out. Anyone have a staple gun? I'ma fix this shit for good I tell ya. Though if I stapled it, it would become very difficult to wash. WHY must I be in this situation!?


I have also discovered that, in general rootbeer-liking people dislike iced tea, and visa versa. I am on the rootbeer end.

Okay, I have to finish putting my clothes away in my new old dresser! And I have a lot of clothes. Like fuck. I am way too materialistic. But not in a princess way. Well kinda since I was like "omg shoooeeeessss" but they're zombie shoes. I have too many thoughts.



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