Just played a real life game.

Man, i stared a strobe light so long while listening to techno music, i got really crazy trip, i shall now explain it to you.
I felt like i was in a super tron like racing games. It was some so of chamber bike 1 occupant transport system. I was on a track, flying through the sky at 1000s of mph. I could read road signs, one of the left said activate, and one in the middle said Flyingstar in some sick metalica font. But man the lights all around all the stars and city lights, zoom by me as a look around in slow moition. In the sky i then seen mario, a koopa the guy from asteriods, and zelda all walking around in the sky in like 8bit. Then in front of us was a giant Wizard from mario, he had a tunnel in him so we drove in. it was fucked I think we went under ground but I remember taking a lot of left right left right left right tunes like a zigzag. So I leaned back and slowly looked up there was glass floors of people walking about 20-30 feet up. Near the end we started going really fast and whe came out of this hole, shot out into the air, this was the first time we were off the track, but I still thinnk there was some gravitational help. In the sky we finally got hooked on to the track. I was still lookin up and all i seen was lines and lines of clouds. We ended by going off the track and crashing into the road. but we just kept driving straight hovering over the road. Both sides HUGE buildings hung over like a cave. Things started to come up and I was flying through them trying not to hit them. When i hit them the 3 cubes i have floating in the corning go away, 1qt at a time. So the game is getting more intense. Then i got shot and we stopped.
So you really had to be there to witness it. But I've trippped pretty mad right now, cause I haven't turned off teh techno. Fucking talking turtles in dress shirts and ties talking to me, floating head hot air balloon on my neck. So as I was righting this i had toooo stop and draw it. It's not that good, but I'ma work on it later on.


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