(Written on 08/15; Xesetarip being a hippy.)

It is a most beautiful evening; one of the best displays of lightning I've seen all summer. So much so, that I originally wrote this on paper so I could leave my laptop inside; no distractions, no music. Just me, my notebook, and the most beautiful fucking weather this dull town has ever seen... oh, and some jelly beans.

I want to walk in it. Yes, I'm going to. I need to feel this.

So pleasant. So free. So enlightened. There is no weather I prefer. No matter what. I also don't believe in umbrellas; I never use 'em. I think the only exception to that would be if I were going to a wedding. But I don't believe in weddings either so I'm good. I never understood why people were afraid of a little moisture. It's like showering but you're outside and clothed (though the clothes part certainly does suck). Your hair will get messy and your makeup will run and your Hollister cologne will drip off leaving you looking and smelling au naturelle-- err, naturellement I believe is the correct word. So what? You're fugly and ya stink. Get over it and experience this awesome weather! All jokes aside though, I love this weather more than anything, and I like to experience it in it's full magnitude... even if it means I will look (and smell?) really nasty.

I remember when I was really little and I used to be terrified of storms. My mum was as captivated by them as I am today, but I was a timid little shit. Then one stormy day she took me and my sister for a walk; it was only about 20 minutes but it was enough time for me to realize the harmlessness of thunder and lightning. And we also made up a gay little tune about it which I still remember but refuse to reiterate; it was comforting though. From that day on, it was no more crawlin' into mommy's bed during a storm. It took me a while to actually appreciate the weather rather than just be fearless of it, but I remember that day so well and it really changed the way I see cloudy days.

So presently I'm mega relaxed; I think the only way this could be better would be with some weed. But even then... I don't really need it for this weather; it has its own way of working magic on me. I call it a stormgasm.

...Though, it is a bitch for headaches and arthritis; I suppose every perfect thing has its downfall right? Like, how I'm 99% perfect, and that's only because I haven't seen Star Wars. Good analogy? Yes'm.

Peaceful raindrops folks! Enjoy this shit.


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