Floating and Such

Finally, last night, all four "lunch kids" had "lunch" together and when we were high as hell we went to see a show at TIFF (Stake Land: It was incredible y'all must see it). Anywho, it was one of those oh my fuck I am brilliant listen to my deepest thoughts highs, and I felt I had to document my brain. So when I was in line for the movie, I was getting all these crazy thoughts and so I wrote them in my "Notes" on my phone. I also got some homework done because I managed to pump out a shit ton of ideas for my work/talk video assignment proposal thingy... YAY! But yes, these are the strange things this is the strange thing I came up with (I'm going to keep the other stuff for my proposal):

Magic Trees and Misty Air

Isn't it funny that I am floating around the neighbourhood?
Yes it is. That's beautiful.
Strange men with handlebars;
Moving for a movie;
No fees if you're nice and
Food delivery, soft ice cream;
The trees are moving but the breeze is absent;
Students that don't have money
But smoke is blowing everywhere in the corner of my eye and its tickling my cheek;
Flashing lights too.
I sat under a luscious tree and I began to float around the neighbourhood... the crazy, hazy city I traveled around in the night.

From the roof of my building!

The first time I re-read that was me typing it. How odd. I like it. Good for me.

Peace & Magic Trees muhfuckas,


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