A G Like No Otha'

By Izanrelur

Hit dis beat

ayo where's the beat at
yo slow it down
ya, like dat dawg
you're out there smoking bowls
out there smoking poll
with a mangled up fucking troll
falling through a fucking worm hole
time is just flashing by
you sit back and you realize
that your troll is really high
and that he might be a russian spy
you also think he might be bi
cause he's really going at that guy's
dick, stick, it's not thick, it's thin
that thought makes you fucking grin
you stop, think about your twin
kick that fuckin troll in the fuckin chin
Fuck em' you don't need em', he's worth nothin

well back to smokin pot
chillin in your favourite spot
It's getting really hot
go ahead drink up all your scotch
take shot
bottoms fucking up
the troll's back and you ask whats up
he says nothing and doesn't give a fuck
sits beside you while you pack a bowl
you smoke up and fall back into that worm hole
and just vibe and think yoooooooooo


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