Get To Know The Twins.


Band: I'm listening to a lot of Angels & Airwaves right now.
Song: Single by Lil' Wayne
Car: Rolls Royce Ghost 2011, probably the sexiest luxury car around.
Lyrics: I'm so lost, I'm barely here, I wish I could explain myself, but words escape me. It's too late to save me, you're too late.
Movie: Moon
Tv show: Tie between The Office/South Park
Hot famous man: I'm not gay.
Hot famous woman: Jessica Alba
Twin: Camille Lupiccini!!

1) What is your favourite piece of artwork?
To many to choose from. Alex Pardee is one of my favourite artist. I'll just get a couple pictures of the ones I like.

Good Night Lava - Alex Pardee

I love anything Apocalyptic Space influenced.

2) What song do you want to fuck to?
Single by Lil' Wayne. That song is totes a love making song!

3) Hairy chick or smelly chick?
Are we talking all around girl? or like just Vagina? I'd prolly go for haiirry if it's vagina. If it's all around, smelly. Alcohol can help me not smell something but hairy legs would be just nasty no matter what.

4) If you could be in a really sick band that got all these babes, what instrument would you play?
Well since I already play guitar. I'd have to say, Rhythm or Bass.

5) What would your stripper alter-ego be?
Oh fuck naw! It already is LovesToSpooge!

6) Do you own sex toys?
Yes, I named him Shady, he's older but still gets the job done.

7) What song breaks your heart?
So many. Shirts n Gloves; Hands Down; Remember To Breathe; Screaming Infidelities...These are all by Dashboard Confessional and there are many more I could list that I am just to lazy to. Take Me With You - Secondhand Serenade, When I Go Down - Relient K...Ect. I have a sad life, way too many song.

8) Hottest chick ever: Describe.
Hair colour isn't really a problem, I like Brown hair, Blonde hair, but not so much the bleach blonde. Long hair is better than short. Between a couple inches taller to a couple inches shorter than me, nothing extreme. Eye colour doesn't really matter, but I like blue....I don't think I'm picky enough for this haha.

9) There is a man named Rod, kill him in an interesting way: GO!
I'd start with tying Rob to a chair. I'd turn off the lights and put on night vision goggles. I'd toy with his emotions a bit, terrifying him before doing anything drastic. Like making weird noises, throwing things around so he doesn't know exactly where I am. Then I'd put a bag on his head and turn the lights on. I'd begin with hitting him lighting in the head with a bat, just to make him woozy. Then continue with ripping each finger nail off. After the screaming died down I'd remove the bag. Only for him to see that I have his wife and 5 year old little girl tied up in front of him. I'd then start to shave off both of their heads and throw the hair at him. Then I'd use a sledge hammer and break both his wife's arms. I'd then strip her down naked and take out my welding Torch and begin to burn both her knees and slowly move down to her feet. While this is happening his daughter would be screaming and crying and it'd start to get annoying so I'd boot her in the face, lucky for her she just lost her front teeth the week before or they would be lodged in the back of her throat right now. I then start back up on the wife and continue to burn away. I then go to my desk and grab to Bear Traps and clamp them on her tits. I walk around to the other side of her and begin to use the torch to burn a hole right through her. I'd then take a hose that was hooked up to a giant tank of Sulphuric Acid and put it into the tiny hole I burnt into her and fill she'd die burning to death from the inside. I would then move on to his Daughter, not really much I can do to her now since she is knocked up conscious so I would just take this 50 pound barbell and repeatedly drop it on her head till it explodes. After finishing off them to, I would take a test tube of acid and spray it into his eyes, so all he could see was the images of his loved ones dying. I would then rub a very slow burning fuel all over his body. And just light his toes on fire, and have him die slowly.

10) What's the most ideal superpower?
The most Ideal superpower would have to be either flying or mindreading, I can't choose. I guess if you're a super hero you're nice so mindreading would be kind of like invasion of personal thoughts? So I'm going with Flying.

11) What religion are you?
I believe in evolution and science(not scientology) There may be a higher power somewhere, not saying he is a god or anything, maybe a higher power civilization that created the universe. Though I mostly just generally an evolutionist I guess.

12) How awesome is your twin and why? Muah ha ha
Very little awesome. Muah ha ha.

13) Best concert you've gone to?
The best concert I've been too. It's a tie between The Holly Springs Disaster last show in Oshawa and Blink 182 Reunion Tour in Toronto. Top favourite bands = best fucking times ever!

14) Favourite soda?
Tie between Vanilla Coke and Mountain Dew. Maybe one day I'll have them duel and I'll pick a winner.

15) If you could travel to one place where would you go (obviously bringing your twin with you)?
Space, not a specific planet it, any planet would do. I just want to go to space and see the stars and planets from where I normally don't.


Band: There are oh so many ! My favourite band always and forever is System of a Down, but right now I'm really diggin' The Wombats and Mumford and Sons. But seriously, I could go on for days about my favourite bands.
Song: Sway by The Kooks, Australia by The Shins, Come Back Home by Two Door Cinema Club, and I Got Wise by Delinquints.
Car: The new Jags are so hot. So are the old ones actually. Hearses are my favourite always. And the Batmobile.
Lyrics: "Justify some peace" from Paperboy by Stabilo
Movie: Holy shit so hard to answer. I suppose at the moment, I saw Stake Land at TIFF and it was phenomenal (not so much in plot but with every other aspect). Definitely not the best I've ever seen but at the moment it's in my mind.
TV show: Dexter! Season 5 WOO!
Hot famous man: Living: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jason Schwartzman and dead: Elvis Presley, James Dean.
Hot famous woman: Michelle Pfiffer
Twin: Tough one... I'm gonna have to pick Sean.

1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Make coffee so it can br ew while I get ready.

2. What is your drink of choice when out with your friends?
Depending on the time of day and where I am, either coffee, ice water with lemon, or beer.

3. Have you ever broken a bone? How?
I broke my nose and I'm pissed you're asking me how because it is excruciatingly embarrassing and I know you already know. I'll tone it down and say that I was attempting to dive in a lake, and I dove right into the ground! AWESOME!

4. Where is one place in the world you've always wanted to go?
I'd have to say Normandy, just for it's historical appeal, but anywhere in Europe would be lovely! I always wanted to go anywhere besides Ontario in Canada. Checked Quebec off the list but it wasn't much of a visit. Specifically I'd like to visit Dildo, Newfoundland.

5. Is there anything you always wanted to do, impossible or not?
Sure, a shit load of things. This question is so vague. So I'll write the most impossible yet still possible thing I can think of: Get into Hogwarts.

6. Have you ever been splashed by a movie (Moving*) vehicle? What did you do?
A movie vehicle or a moving vehicle? Well, neither so... I s'pose it doesn't matter.

7. Why are you so gay?
Heterosexual. This was a waste of a question.

8. Do you think people find it strange that you're an alien?
I am a minority in so m any respects, and because I'm a different species I tend to get discriminated against. But I know those fuckers can't blow shit up with their death stare, and I can so... FUCK Y'ALL!

9. If you could be the best at one instrument right now, what one would it be? why?
Oh man. I really would love to learn ukulele because then I can play the song "Trouble" (I know Nevershoutnever is awful but it's such a cute song) and its so small so I can put it in my pocket (?). Or theremin! Because who the fuck knows how to play a theremin!? Yee I'd be so cool. Really though, I wish I continued with drums and got "the best" at it. It's so fun to play and the only instrument I had kind of a knack for. Oh well. I have nowhere for a drum kit in my apartment. So because I fail at instrument playing, despite my insane love and appreciation for musicians, I have opted to play the musicians themselves ;). Groovy.

10. What's (your*) biggest pet peeve?
Well, the fact that that isn't a s entence is kinda shit. Bad grammar makes me very angry if it's really simple stuff. And people who mumble for fuck's sake! ARTICULATE MOTHER FUCKER. Holy crap. Also slow walkers who are unaware of their surroundings, AKA half the people on Yonge St.

11. If you knew the world was about to end, what would be the last thing you do?
Eat until I puke, brush my teet h, and then fuck the shit out of the nearest hottie. Once that has commenced, I'd crank some tunes and dance outside with friends, naked, and say "BRING IT ON MAW FUCKA" (referring to the aliens that will destroy Earth of course). I'd just dance 'til I died.

12. Do you believe in true love?
Tough one. Yes I do, I just refuse to acknowledge it any more.

13. What do you do with you r spare time?
What spare time? Haha. I like to listen to music, Photoshop, get high or drunk or both, go dancing, watch movies, draw comics, go shopping, wander around, chat with friends, write stuff... FUN THINGS.

14. If it had to be an animal, and I mean it HAS to be an animal...which one would you fuck?
Humans ARE animals man. I win.

15. What is the meaning of life to you?
There is no meaning, and that's the beauty of it. That's why you may as well live your life happy, because what's the point in being m iserable, seeing as it's all meaningless anyway. Do what you want, have fun, be happy = life.

And now you all know us that much more.

Izanrelur & Xesetarip


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