The shit I do from 8-2 on Monday morning.

I have school from 8-5 on Mondays, but I really only do anything in my History of Games class which is 2-5. For the other 6 hours out of the day I'm on Facebook and MSN but most of my time is taken up by YouTube and StumbleUpon, so I'm going to take the time to re-post anything interesting I find.

This class is so dumb, it's basically Photoshop for dummies, I don't need this shit. We're learning how to select stuff at the moment, I'm pretty sure this is something you learn in like grade 10 when first starting Photoshop, actually it's something you teach your self. This is so stupid, thank God for the internet...back to stumble.

Since I'm in Game Dev I feel I shall add this picture, that and it's a really bomb shirt! Mario Kart is fucking awesome.

OH now it's the clone tool! WTF! I'm pretty sure to get in this course you needed to be good at digital art! How are there people here who need to learn this?

ps. Camille's eyes are Cement and my balls are cotton candy.

So simple but so awesome

Okay so it's getting to the point in my day where it actually starts, and I have something to do. So I guess I will talk to you guys next week, or if anything interesting comes up this we'll I'll make sure to tell you all.

Ps. We have a special duo post coming at the end of this month....it's gunna be great.



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