Drain the lake and bring it back to me.

So the weekend is over, but I wish I were still drunk. I don't know why, life just seems to be much more enjoyable while under the influence. You don't have to constantly worry about the stress in your life, school and homework fade away into the background and the sense of having fun arises. All you want to do is party and everyone around is the same way. Monday mornings are boring; it's the start of a new week, all the homework you didn't do on the weekend is about to be due, you're tired, feel like shit and everyone around is the exact same. Why is it that we need these poisons in our bodies to actually enjoy living? Why have we made the world into something that we need to escape? We live most of our lives waiting for the weekend, waiting for holidays. We spend 5 long dragged on days waiting for 2 awesome nights and 2 horrible mornings. Is this what life is about? because I'm sure this is what we've made it. Though I guess I will have people who read this that say they live life to the fullest, okay, if you want to think that, go a head. But with school and work, you never will. Sure you love you're job and what you do, but why do you constantly look at the clock to see when you're on break or get off? You live life to the fullest as much as possible, but most of the time you're still just waiting to do it, instead of just doing it.

This kind of makes me feel that the 60s were actually the best times. No one worked, everyone partied all the time. There was no stress. Everyone lived their life and everyone was having fun. Music was huge, everyone was playing it, listening to it, parting to it. If this were to last though how would life be today? Without people willing to work hard and make the world what it is I don't think we'd last. No advancements in medicine? No thank you, so I guess I'm kinda glad we have people out there working all the time. But do they do it cause they have to? or is it cause they want to?

Why am I even here?
It's like Photoshop for dummies, I haven't paid attention since it started an hour ago, I'm listening to music and writing this + stumbling + MSN. I'm paying for this...

I have urgent advice to give you that my wonderful twin informed me about not more than 5 mins ago. To everyone out there who uses Soap made of fire or soap that is the equivalence of 1 000 °C not to put it in or around your eyes. They will burn really bad, turn red and your contacts will NOT go in! EVER! AGAIN! You will basically die in like 24 minutes.

This will be your eye.

So class is almost over. There is going to be a huge Duel Post this week so make sure you look out for that one.




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