M322Y ><-M45

So me and Xesetarip are done school for the ><-M45 Holidays. You're all probably wondering if we celebrate ><-M45 and we do. We were raised by humans and have had it in our lives since we were small. Though that doesn't mean we don't celebrate out Planetary Holiday. See the difference from our species to yours is that we don't have war, or different religious or racism, every one on our planet celebrated the same holidays, there were no wars between one another, we respected everyone no matter how different they looked and we didn't have religion , it was more of a prophecy and everyone looked up to it.

Our 'Christmas' type holiday which was called (note this is a rough translation) Nep`Xiu. It was to celebrate the 4 Qi`san' Xiu. (Translate to Ruler or King) of each quadrant of the planet. North-east, South-east ect. Nep'Xiu wasn't flash or as beautiful as Christmas here was. We didn't Christmas lights or trees, but the whole population from each quadrant would meet in the middle of the planet, miles upon miles of open area to have a huge festival. There would be music, fire, dancing, and everyone would exchange gifts, but how it would work out would be you give your gift to a stranger, someone you didn't know. This was known as Lebnx'gpu (Which is roughly 'give to one another'). However, I was not alive when our planet was around and have only learned through generations of reproductions of books and what not, so things could have been altered. In the end though I wish everyone reading this and all your friends and family a happy holiday from both me, Izanrelur, Xesetarip and everyone that helps out at Alien Super Duo, no matter what you celebrate.

One more thing. So last night I watched Skyline. It was mediocre at best, but one thing that worried me is how the human population take aliens. Now I'm not speaking for the whole universe but I assure you no race is going to come down to earth and kill everyone. If they're hear for war, you would be dead before you even knew it. When aliens decide to come to earth, well let me say that better. When a full colony of aliens decides to visit earth, they're naturally going to come to explore and record date for their own library of sciences. Examine what you do, and try to understand the Human race, they may even take subjects back to their home planet and teach everyone a thing or two about the universe. I don't know if it will happen anytime soon, but when it does, I'll be ready!

Ps. I'm still awaiting parts for my space ship so I can go home, I mean go to what ever is left of it.



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