Elements of the Skin

Somehow my mind has been manipulated into over-thought. There are two definite influences: a friend who always questions the world around him, and a novel that outlines the decline of the human condition. The two seem to work simultaneously to make me observe... stuff.

I've become so analytical about everyone; questioning motives when people speak, or generally assessing their presence. Nothing is face value to me, but rather the context of the scenario. We are far beyond the time of words having validity.

But look who's writing.

Surely I don't hate people, but I hate how inevitably awful our species has become. Everyone has just stopped caring about everyone on a personal level; people are pulling apart and fading away.


impatience - deceit - ignorance - entitlement

My friend has a kind heart. We walked home the other night with leftovers from the restaurant we ate at. A homeless woman wandered up to us begging for food with a fake fucking puppy dog face(a disgusting practice). Deceit.

Her misfortune is not my problem. Leave me alone. Impatience.

But my friend, like I said, has a kind heart. She gave the homeless woman her container with the leftovers: "It's all yours!" and we started to walk away. Ignorance.

The woman, without a thank you, opened the container, threw it on the ground and walked away. It was not good enough for her. This woman... she smelled like fucking shit, begged my friend like a dog for food and it wasn't good enough. Entitlement.

I hope that woman goes very hungry.


You should probably buy a more expensive jacket

And add to your collection of non-reusable, Styrofoam coffee cups.

Carry these tokens to protect your "substance"/"persona"/...

She wears expensive jewellery

He drinks brand-name coffee

His phone is superior to mine

She has lipstick

He has a new tattoo

Their apparel leaves no secrets

We're fading.

Watch the fat girl eat cookies for breakfast

The prof. drinks bottled water

Buddy uses a Macbook to check the hockey scores

I'm trying to justify why she'd wear heels in the snow...

I don't know you

But I do know...

Your sympathies don't matter

You should probably buy a more expensive jacket.

Consume. Consume. Consumer.


You can't listen to the ambient sounds around you; nothing is good enough for your ears anymore.

Your texts won't send because you don't get service in this building built for... learning. Disaster.

It's 8 am and already people are hanging on the other end of the technological extension of yourself. You are important!

Take topless mirror-shots or show some tit. Put it on Facebook. There are no surprises anymore.

After 2,111 photos, do you still need to see my face? Don't answer that. It won't change things.

You mumble when you speak because you know nothing beyond the virtual arena that has become your comfortable environment.

I can't even make a telephone call anymore.

I don't have 458 friends. We won't even offer each other a "hello" if we encounter. We hide our eyes and keep going because we're fading. 458 friends...

We drink every night because the reality of our digital detachment becomes easier. And we photograph it. And we show the world. True friends.

Connect. Connect. Connected.


He is gay

He is straight

She loves all

She loves no one

These two are fucking

She hides

He's out there

Who gives a fuck?

Feel. Feel. Feeling.










stretch marks

man-made colour












goose bumps.

The exterior to one's supposed individuality.

We are all the same.

Elements of the skin.


I've been writing these things in my notebook for weeks. A lot of this^^ is excerpts. I'll be in class and just start jotting down the behaviour around the room.

I see the way no one cares about everyone

and everyone cares about everyone.

I guess you could say irony maybe, or some kind of paradox.

It's bizarre though, because generally I'm quite apathetic... and even now I'm not personally going to challenge my own critiques. I guess it's^ just a pessimistic regurgitation of what society has become. Or senseless bitching, which, as you know, I'm good at.

Anyhow, you shan't be offended. This is a self-critique too. It's all a facade.

But really, do you ever encounter someone and wonder "what made them decide to wear that colour of nail polish"? I've been thinking too much about trivial things like that.

Nothing can be taken at face value anymore.

Seriousness today, sexiness tomorrow,



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