Someone *cough, Sean* is forcing my pen to write a bloggity blog but all that I can think of is WHY... so here are other things that I'm all like "W H Y ?":

WWHY ARE THERE MEN'S SOCKS (or, one man's sock) IN MY ROOM WHEN THERE ARE NO MEN IN MY ROOM! It's like Cinderella: if the sock fits... something something, you get the idea.

I am taking these B100 Complex pills and I don't exactly know why but it's more vitamin for the bit-a-men if you know what I meeeean dawg.

No matter what time of day I wake up my first meal is always eggs or something breakfasty. Today I ate eggs at 1:30, when I have perfectly good sandwichable tomatoes and sprouts in my fridge (THAT ARE GOING BAD SOON HOLY SHIT LET'S EAT 'EM).

I'm very jittery.

I've managed to make an entire load of laundry on underwear and bras alone. SUH MANY PANTEHZ. If only these motherfuckers would take their clothes out of the washer SEEING AS THE CYCLE HAS CONCLUDED AND I NEED TO USE IT! Fuck + you + washerhog.

I have a really huge crush on a really huge sleazeball. Yeah, fuck you. Go away. But don't. But do. But don't. Fml.

I'll give someone $5 to clean my room. But don't touch any of my stuff. Who do you think you are!?

I have class at 8am tomorrow. EIGHT IN THE MORNING. Do you understand? You don't understand. You might understand. No, you don't. I never see 8 am. And it's English. Fuck English. Fuck 8am. FUCK.

My iTunes wants me to listen to Vampire Weekend but I feel like they're so *out*.

Quesadillas at Golden Griddle. DON'T DO IT if you hate green peppers like myself. I even said to the waitress "no green peppers" but she said "they're pre-made" so I was like "k". WHAT SHE FAILED TO TELL ME WAS THAT IT WAS SOLELY GREEN PEPPERS (and red and cheese) IN THE FUCKING WRAP! WHAT THE SHIT BITCH!? It was a green pepper sandwich. If I picked them off, there'd be no food left. BLEH

Went to the bong shop to buy a bowl at 8. They were closed even though they "close at 9"... fuckin' lazy stoners.

I want to go skating but it's too cold out. Tomorrow... tomorrow...

Tattoo fund. Place bills & coins (preferably bills) here:

(That Golden Dogs poster gives me nightmares sometimes)

Mumford and Sons. Why must it play on the radio!? Little Lion Man has gone into my "most annoying" category. The entire album is soon to follow. Fuck.

My subwoofer is dying a horrible death. Poor guy. I'll stick with ya til the end my man because I'm too poor to replace you I love you.

Avenged Sevenfold. I love 'em despite how socially un-cool and outdated and 1/5th deceased they are. Wear my band shirt with pride. Mother fuckers.

Here is a short poem I just wrote:

Everything I do
is taboo.

That is all the randomness I can provide. I'm glad I have my laptop back so I can document ideas and Photoshop the shit out of some pictures. Perhaps I'll show you one day.

Wishing you pleasant orgasms,


Michael said...

thats probably mikes sock. you know why? use your imagination. do you lock your door? cock your door? honestly i wouldnt be surprised if you are SHOCKED by your own door.

Whose going to clean your room? michelle.

Whose not going to english at 8am? jake.

Golden Griddle? never.

I agree with mumford and sons to stay off the radio. Little lion man should keep in his pants and not pull a britney spears. we dont want to see that..

I was like dude, you dont even have a subwoofer, then just ran off.

Its my sock. size 12. with size 10 hands. but who really wants big hands am i right. ladies.

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