Shit I Learn in English

I suffer from a terrible thing. It's called "English minor" and it is causing me to become very ill. I'm good at English but it's boring as fuck. So, in order for me to be able to pay attention in 8am English and not fall asleep, I need to make my notes as interesting as possible. These are actual things my teacher talked about in class but I interpreted them in my own way to help me learn :). You should do the same, kids. Stay in school. Don't do drugs. Use condoms. And make your English notes sexy.

Yes indeedy. For some reason every course I take somehow drags feminism into it. FML.

Better listen to what he says.

Oh yes. We learned plenty on Monster Gaga.

It's a justified conclusion I think.

A little tasteless on my behalf.

My teacher said this.

She's also really into burlesque.

Maybe she should stop having sex with rabbits then? (I know that's not what really happened stfu)
"Box of Gaga parts"
A summary of common themes in today's lecture.

Yup my teacher used the metaphor of the "other" being "shit."
That's what they did back in the day!

Hate that fucker.

Fuck feminism. But yay booby tassels.
And we did see them in class today.
Do you have a stick or a circle!?

Best of luck in your classes, friends.
makin' sexy notes since... 2009.


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