Paradisiacal Procrastination

Hello readers! And that means you! The 3 special people reading this right now! You!

It's been a fucking long time since I've wrote anything, but summer is over and school has started and that means it's time to sit back, stress out and procrastinate. 

Nobody likes doing work over the summer so all we do is get drunk and live our meaningless lives out like they're a paradise with no rules or responsibilities. Now that it's almost October and midterms are about 3 weeks away I think it's the perfect time to stop doing homework and start doing blogs? YDG?

Today I have my Illustration class and I was talking to some loser kid, I'd prefer not disclose this persons name with you all, but I'm sure you know who she is, and have been reading a lot of her poems as of late ;) (Major hint at who it is I'm talking about) Anyways, like I was saying, I was talking to her in class WHILE doing work. We started talking about the blog and how I should start writing more often. I tried to explain that I have a mountain of homework and that shit is only getting bigger and that I don't really have any time for it. So she nagged me on and on until I realized; "Da fuck am I doing?" Obviously I've missed you all and this blog was lacking a hell of a lot of sexy. I ended up ditching my real work and starting something stupid/fun.

I seen kids sleeping next to me so I felt "At least I'm fucking drawing, these noobs aren't even conscience." Our assignment we're working on right now is a Character design project for a fictional game we're working on. We're suppose to be doing a front almost-T-pose. I had already done the basic sketch of the body so I decided to spice it up. This is what I came up with.

It started out with  The Me-Gustatman...Mind your self all these names are working titles.

Second to be created was Spokerfaceman

Third. Forever-Aloquaman....Because he sucks!

Lastly you have Trollerman

I hope you've all enjoyed these stupid procrastination sketches and that you all enjoy your Midterms by not doing homeworking and not studying for your tests! I WILL BE BACK!




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