Mundai Pohms

I have so so so many poems kicking around. These ones are vague enough to share, but still zesty enough to be rad.

The End of November 1

Sometimes these moral dilemmas are necessary.
Proving you're human is never more revealed
Then when your mind and heart turn on one another.

It touches upon existential questioning; 
the idea of "what is right" becomes increasingly subjective.
Nothing is black and white.

So which do you listen to?
One can only carry both for so long...
Take an opportunity, or stick with what's known.

I think, either way, the heart is going to lose in the end.

The End of November 2

Joking around along the overpass
A silence comes over us; 
As the cold rain pours on both our faces,
He's wondering if I'm fucking someone else
And I'm thinking about what to make for dinner tomorrow night.

UpTokes - a limerick!

I made it to the front of r/trees
Holy moly, I am so pleased
It was my first ever post
So I feel I must boast
And speak of my Reddit disease

My post was inspired by Sean
Rode the roundabout all night long
It gave me a boner
'Cause I'm such a stoner
Now I'mma go hit this bong.

Something a little personal

I've looked at things this way when I was young
Close the blinds because I'm scared of the universe
Can not conceptualize the future; it's not important
But there was that looming anxiety.
Unjustified; more haunting in that respect.

The world was a thin dome of glass and it would be shattered,
Bringing new shades of grey to your wet eyes.
You knew the moment things became dark
The last night of innocence was filled with 
trivial things and superficial interests.
Superficial. Irony perhaps.
No time like the present
... to destroy on impulse.

I wish I knew you, as if you had never let go of the glass universe I called home.
Picking up the pieces has taken too long,
and things will never revert.
What's left is three pairs of emeralds, 
They shine so beautifully together; 
broken apart from the brittle dome they once shared in serenity.
Scattered, and longing for reunion. 
They are the only ones who truly understand.



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