Monday Poems! Wait, what?

I honestly thought it was Monday. Whoops. Here are some poems anyhow. No they don't rhyme. They never do.

This poem is mediocre but passionate. I wrote it 3 years ago regarding my boyfriend at the time. He was suffering from a mysterious and unpleasant neurological disorder called Kleine Levin Syndrome and it became quite the struggle for us. 


Will you remember me tomorrow?
Sometimes I question.
Are you there?
I love you.
It's so hard
to see past your cold eyes
into where your heart used to be.

Will you remember me tomorrow?
Right beside you,
I've never felt so alone.
I kiss your cheek and you feel
Where are you?
Somewhere in there.
Same face,
different heart.

Will you remember me tomorrow?
The days I wait for you
to come back to me
I feel:
Gradually my soul becomes
Dead, like yours.

Sun rises
Please, remember me tomorrow.


I wrote this poem when I was super baked; somewhat old but still 2011. Those are the best ones. 


Cognitive reality distorted
Living zombie
All external realities elated
Pulling away in a tube of three dimensions

Do your soggish feet get devoured?
No but...
Creamy, thick wind, ever looming
Why I could sit here all night
and not feel a thing!

But darling, heart burning, linger
For I don't remember what is in your spine
That's the captain
And the cheesecake is waiting for you
Icy cold, and hidden underneath it all.


This one is recent.

Under. Lying.

I hide my love for you 
In someone else's bed

You wrote the rules
I play the game.

I'll be in your arms
Tomorrow, my darling.

It seems transparent
Yet more underlying

In this competition
Of who cares less

You have me caught
Cat and mouse

You have my whole heart
Except the part that's honest.


Also very recent and one of my favourites.

Take Your Sunglasses Off, You Look Stupid 
("Subway Poem")

Hovering along on the inside of a tornado
I feel invisible because no one acknowledges me
Yet they can sense my presence as I pass by
I swear I heard the escalator --ascending beside me-- scream "hello!"
I fly through corridors subconsciously
The metallic monster roars past me...
And them I'm calmly situated on the old red fabric
Trapped in this tunnel with the rest of the world
We float on together, never minding our own business
Flower buds in my ears make mother's voice go away
But I know where I'm going.
So I drift along. Listening.

I'll write a comedic one next time. Thank you for reading my darlings!

Your soggish sex machine,


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