Rare Adrenaline, Artificially Produced.

Last night, time ran so slow. It seemed like the longest night ever. It was just nice to be with friends and have the lunch kids do their thing. As usual I was triggered to write something nonsensical:

I miss the days of getting high

and stealing the boys' skateboards

and skate around campus

Making videos that were

funny and

the great 2-12 floor hop

or whatever those numbers were

Numbness of the tongue

what did I eat?

Why did I think of you?

and where do these glorious footsteps come from

that sting the back of my neck

kind of tingly like

There are these subtleties that you don't always see

A man under the curtain taking

snapshots of himself

or who is leering over your shoulder

Constantly constantly

cold cold cold up my arm

and my fucking neck

I don't understand this

This has to stop I'm travelling

Backward upward downward

and if this fucker would get off my shoulder

and my neck!

I titled the document "you should know your shoulder was bothersome".

There was much productivity at this point when I finished majority of my storyboards for my production package. But then I was like... being called. Time could go a bit slower. And then Briar is texting me "adventure! Adventure!" So I went to Shannon's room. Which was magical: 2 candles to light the room, laying on the floor with the lights off, Pink Floyd, and some sort of bran cereal. Jake comes and we all sit. He says "It's 2am, that's ADVENTURE TIME!" so we got up and went outside.

I forgot my glasses. It was madness... we walked to some and something intersection and Jake and Briar saw this place I don't remember the name but it was lit all red and because I didn't have my glasses the light was bleeding everywhere. I saw silhouettes of menacing figures and rundown warehouse buildings and I decided I should not go down this street. Shannon and I turned around to walk away and Briar and Jake left their inhibitions and kept going. These men were gaining on us down the street. We turned the corner and panicked because we didn't know where we were and Briar didn't answer her phone. What the fuck time was it!? So we're wandering down this mystery road but we know we're parallel to Dundas but we don't know which direction.

Briar answers: meet at Adelaide. We can't find Adelaide. Let's find Yonge; it's around and it's safe...er. But I can't see. People are yelling out of their cars. Something happens and we find Yonge and this man charges at us. He is on drugs and he's begging for money. We say no, no, NO but he walks right beside us getting in our face, matching our pace. Super persistent and invading my comfort zone. I came to a dead stop and he walked a few steps before noticing. "NO!" but he keeps touching his head and making incomprehensible noises. A man walks by us in the other direction and the begger attaches himself to him and we run off. We cross the road to keep a distance.

We're five minutes from home and calming down from our panic tripshow. And I see in my peripherals, across the street is the begger. Charging, staring straight ahead; he is walking very, very fast. He is beside us but across the street. We freak out because the only places to turn are sketchy streets; no major ones. We're prepared to walk to a hotel if only we can get to the street!!! We're panicking and then the man stops at Big Slice. To get home, we have to walk in his line of vision. We stare at him and we're freaking out; this man walks passed us and seems to think we're crazy. The begger goes into Big Slice and we go home, hearts racing.

So, 2am is NOT adventure time in downtown Toronto. Especially when you're blind, and lost and trippin' balls. I don't get scared easily at all! It was a bad experience, but kind of fun at the same time. But more so terrifying.

On the other hand, when I woke up this morning, I was wrapped in a very tight cocoon, and I awoke with a smile on my face. I've never been so comfortable.

So friends, always stay with your friends. Particularly if one is muscular, and the other has a knack for talking to anyone (in this example, Jake and Briar). They can save you from aggressive beggers and sketchy figures (or at least give you peace of mind that they can even if they can't).

Happy to be alive,



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