These Little Hair Clippings in my Eyes Produce Tears

Have I posted this song before? Likely. But listen.

I'm trimming my bangs and it's a challenge to do with my eyes open, seeing as my eyes are right there vulnerable to the little clippings. I'm also switching from my right to left hand (don't worry I'm [kind of] ambidextrous) trying to create a straight line and then *bam* hair shrapnel to the spherical structure enclosed by the sclera and the cornea. I own a dictionary and look up everything... how else can I sound moderately intelligent in conversations with well-versed men and other folk I'm trying to impress/sleep with? HA.

Oh no, more sad songs on shuffle. iTunes sees the tears produced by the little hair clippings and thinks "I'm makin' her cry." Motha fucka! You listen to me iTunes, I don't cry. I'm made of stone grrrrrrr.

Anywho, I have about 1 pound of hair in the garbage, about 2 pounds of hair on my desk, and about 50 little clippings in and around my keyboard. My bangs were really hefty, let me tell you.

So as I am listening to this sappy music my brain is going "perhaps you should remark events you don't want to because I am evil." My brain is evil. Usually it works to my advantage (I have this crazy ability to kick small children and cats without remorse) but now I am on thought overload. In a bad way. Recent events ... last night I s'pose... are making me feel like some kind of philosopher trying to work some intricate thing out. ---- Oh shit. There was a brief pause in my typeyness because THSD came on iTunes and I decided to have a little individual head bang sesh and then I look up and all these little mother fucking hair clippings are everywhere. But back to the philosophizing... I feel like chicks over-analyze things too much. And I see this naivete (or, vulnerability?) everywhere so I know it's not just me.

Perhaps some emotional engagements, whatever they may be, should be viewed as exactly what they are. And no friends, I did not get laid if that's what you're thinking (but I know you were rooting for me)! As I was thinking about all of this, I thought I should maybe [vaguely] document it so I wouldn't forget, and then the hair clippings got in my eye and a blog was born (that is modern reproduction I tell ya).

I'm just thinking......
Drugs take precedence over family.
Emotions take precedence over morals.
Greed takes precedence over logic.
Nothing takes precedence over dancing.
'Precedence' takes precedence over 'priority.'

Lol that was annoying. I need to shower now and wash all of the physically-generated and definitely not emotionally produced tears away. Fuck these hair clippings man *sniffle* FUCK THEM! Ahahaha

So sexy you want to bang my bangs,


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