Nudity: Always Discussed and Practiced

We picked words and wrote about them! Fuckin' eh!

If Xesetarip said it, it's this colour.
If Izanrelur said it, it's this colour.


This would be the first word. Chosen by Sean of course. Underwear.... more like underWHY. Like really. What's the point? Imagine if we lived in a world where underwear was unheard of and then some jackass was like, "let's wear clothes under our clothes so shit stains don't get on our trousers." But, jackass, don't you put your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper (lol funny word) at the end of the day? And more importantly, don't you know how to wipe your fucking ass!? I really don't know what else to say. I'm pissed at the jackass who invented underwear. Last semester I went a whole month without it, and it was a riot. It's really just one more barrier in the way of me getting laid. I am a sad, sad girl.

I guess you have a point eh? Like why do we wear clothes under our clothes? and who the fuck is to say that underwear is called underwear. If I wear a t-shirt under my sweater isn't that technically underwear? Also what about super hero's, when they wear underwear on the outside does that then make the tights underwear and make the panties you stole from your mother into....? shorts? I think I'm going to go to wiki right now. Brb. Ok I'm back. After a quick read it has stated that the loin cloth was originally the first form of underwear...but wait a minute, THAT WASN'T WORN UNDER CLOTHES YOU FUCK, so I read down more and it really didn't state anything. Suddenly it says roman males wore it under their chitons. But back to the word. Camille says its just one more barrier in the way of getting laid, but underwear is sexy and guys like it. So yeah, as stupid as it is maybe it's not that bad?


I guess it's good that pantsless is the next word because that's kinda what I think of when I think of curtains. They're there to hide the outside world from yourself. You make walk around nakid and wave your wang all you want. You can shake your package free in the air without people staring into your room and thinking, "Jesus Christ all-Mighty Joe Young ate my neighbors" Another good thing about curtains is when people like me go to bed at 7 am you just shut those ma fucks and it's like its 2 am all over again. You wanna know something that pisses me off. Blinds, those ones that are horizontal and have a pull string, they piss me off. No matter how much you pull the string they never wanna stay up. You basically stand there and think Seriously? like really? Are you fucking being fucking serious? I want to flap my dick in the breeze from the fan in front of my bay window while showing off my junk but I can't cause you god damn curtains wont stay opened...thanks a lot... Fuck you.

Wow Sean, I feel like I don't have to say anything at all. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. Hit the midget on the head. Hit yourself on the head... while giving head. Anywho, I hate curtains because I am always naked in my room and always worry if the neighbours (or mysterious snipers I was recently told about) are looking at me. During the day I leave 'em open despite my nakedness (come on over and see for yourself!), but really because it is light outside and there is no light on in my room you can't see me. At night they are closed, but I always have to fight with them to get 'em shut. Another thing about curtains: Does the carpet match them? Apparently the colour of a person's eyebrows is the colour of their pubes. I have found this to be quite accurate on others as well as myself. So if you see me staring at your eyebrows, you know why. And I will stare.

~ Pants-less ~

The number one word to sum up my life. I love pants; hate wearin'em. There's not much I can say about this word Sean, ya kinda failed me. And since I just discussed not wearing pants anything I type here is uninteresting. So... here is a comical picture of my dog, who, oddly enough, never wears pants.
...which is quite evident by this accurate, non-tampered with photo of him.

Pants-less...what can I say about this word. Well I can start out with Camille doesn't ever wear them, at least to my knowledge she doesn't. I'm sure there has been many a time when walking in to work she realizes she has forgot them at home, though this may give the random onlooker an arousing view; she would probably be very embarrassed and run home with ass flapping in the wind. What else inspires me about this word. Well, times when one is pants-less are wonderful times although I'm usually not, unless I'm changing and showering, but above all there's nothing like standing on a deck with arms crossed, pants off, dank swaying in the wind and taking a deep breath to enjoy the fresh air, the very same air that brushes up against your bare ass and gives your the shiver of the good ol' outdoors. Gotta love being a man.


Pasture, hmm. Well it's somewhere that cows go to eat and chill I think. Huge green fields of nothing but standing around and fucking eating some grass. It also might be that dude who looks after the church. He touches little boys and get away with it, even though god is right there watching him. I'm pretty sure touching my winkie when I'm 9 is a sin Father. BUT I just found out the word I was thinking of was a Pastor, so back to the cows. Just like curtains was an kinda like a intro to pants-less, Pasture can kinda be like an intro to UFO. UFOs love making those crop circles and for some fucked up reason love abducting cows to do research one. They sorta tie together like that. Anyways other than that all I think of is stinky ass cow shit, stinky ass far smell, stinky ass horse shit and stinky ass farm shit. So ba-dida ba-dida ba-dida that's all folks.

HAHA Sean I love how you mixed up "pasture" and "pastor." EEEEDIOT! My thoughts: Why the hell did I choose this word!!? Must'a been on the crack. Anywho, I thought to myself "what do I think of when I think of pasture" and I responded "I don't fuckin' know, don't ask me" so I drew a comic [of terrible quality in Photoshop].

Vegetarian FTW.


Ultimate Fighting Oaf. Ugly Fat Octopus. Underwear For Old-people. Uber Fancy Oasis. Understandable Foreign Octopus. Umbrella's Fairly Obedient. *Gets out dictionary* OOOOH Unidentified Flying Object! I knew that. I love acronyms as much as I love hairy legs on a man. Which is a whoooole lot. Like, my initials are CFL which either stands for Canadian Football League or Camille is Fuckin' Lame. Ah well. Don't ask me to discuss an acronym, because I will just talk about how much I love acronyms and never get around to the matter at hand; this case being the Unidentified Flying Objects. I was at work today and this thing zipped over my head and I was like zomg unidentified flying object! but then it turned out to be this little boy's head a co-worker had chopped off and kicked across the restaurant and no that didn't really happen in my dreams yessiree. I know Sean, you wanted me to talk about spaceships and aliens... but it's not appropriate seeing as we are jeopardizing the safety of our family and friends (being the aliens). I mean, tell if you want but, INGTRIM (Acronym for: I'm Not Going To Risk It, Mawfucka).

UFO's, man I love them. I've never seen one before but soon when our relatives come to visit I going to get to fly one. There is actually a lot someone could say about UFOs. That whole thing in New Mexico and a bunch of other sightings and shit. I personally just want one. I want to fly one, wouldn't have to wait in traffic or what not. Get places like SUPER fast and shit. Don't really have anything to say so drew a picture of one.


Individual, one person. I don't really know what to say for this word. Well in my opinion everyone should be an individual, why would you wanna live trying to be someone your not. You see all these people trying to imitate the people they look up to, trying to look like them, I actually can be accused of doing this when I was in like grade 8, but that's a different story. Just be yourself, don't try to alter your life around someone else. There isn't really anything I can say here that you probably haven't heard. Don't be a follower, set your own goals and find out who you really are without trying to be someone else. You'll enjoy life so much more.

Aww that was so inspirational Sean. Kinda like this one weird kid we know who is trying to be exactly like Jonny Craig and will never read this because he's a wiener and can't read and will also never be exactly like Jonny Craig because he's a wiener and can't read. Anywho, "Individual" is the worst word ever because you're like, alone. And people will start saying "yo you're a hipster" and you'll be like "nah b" and they'll be like "your denial proves me right" and you'll be like "stfu I'm an individual" and your horrible misconception of yourself will be noted by the accuser to use against you in a battle of faggotry. Okay. I have no clue what I just wrote. Partied with my broseph (Seanzor) this evening and I'm still a little... I just can't think.


I am not familiar...

Orgasm, hmm. Great, quick, messy... Sucks for you Camille that you don't know this word.


I can't say I've ever done it or really plan on doing it. Maybe if it was dark, I mean I don't wanna scare away the people I'm doing it with...or I guess I could do it alone, but whats the point. Come back to your group of friends explaining how you skinny-dipped and none of them will believe you or even care. I guess there is that whole 'I'm FREE' type thing, but I've had a bath before, I know what it's like to be in water naked. I don't, I guess I just don't really understand the hype about skinny-dipping.

HAHA bath. True. Skinny dipping is like, a camping tradition. The most recent time my friends and I went camping this summer, we intended on skinny dipping, but got too drunk to remember to go back to the beach. I can't really justify it; it's just fun! And you're drunk. And you might get to see little Billy's yoo-hoo. Ew, why did I say "little" Billy; I'm not too much of a pedo, and I certainly don't like 'em little. Whoa. I totally thought I was on the word "individual" for a second and I was thinking "wtf do I write about it!?" but then I realized otherwise. I suppose I could've just backspaced that and you wouldn't know any better, but I have this thing where instead of pressing delete I just correct myself in the same sentence. Or in this case the next sentence. Or two. Yeah. Skinny dipping. Do that shit. Nothin like yer tits in freezing, minnow infested, toxic water for the world to potentially see. Goodtimessssssssssss

~~Razor Wire~~
Razor wire (5 Results)

1) The stuff that badasses wear around their necks and wrists to show "I ain't scared'a no pain!"
2) A spiky piece of wire used to brush your dog's teeth because they're so fucking dirty and they smell bad.
3) The cable of the most reliable phone in the world (Alternate spelling: Razr Wre)
4) The decorative wire children wear around their head when dressing up as Jesus for Hallowe'en.
5) Sharp-edged cord that Sean loves up his ass when he's having sex with men.

I do not agree with the 5th statement. I'm not gay. Maybe because Camille likes razor wire up the ass so much she I did too, sorry I don't. I'm starting to find that this word thing is a lot more difficult than expected. I'm not an English student, I'm not very good at writing and I have like the worst ideas about what to write about. Here this is what I'll say about razor wire. Ok. Everyone make sure you go out, pick up a roll, about 20 feet, then stick it in your closet so whenever you're not feeling that great you can go grab it, build a noose and then start playing around, who knows what could happen, especially if you're drunk.


Something I'm not seeing as of late....

Dude. Same.


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