Oh My, So Many Thoughts

First of all, why is it so hard to type and why is it SO LOUD.

Also, during this massive flood that is torrential downpour against my window, I've realized that in this life... are there people who are watch people and others who aren't? Like, can you always accessorize with a watch? Or can some people not. What about POCKET WATCHES? Too classy for some? Can everyone rock a pock[et watch]. To use an analogy, some people can't actually pull off a Rolls Royce (Rolex), like, a hillbilly. But a full-size van (Timex with a calculator) wouldn't be good for a Rico Suave.

Could you break out of a flood with a scoop bucket type thingy even if you're under water? Where do you put the water after scooping? Don't worry, my flood was just the air con.

Another thing. Christians can break bricks over their head for God apparently. Cool.

I just got a tattoo and its all crispy and gross on my shoulder and there is plasma. And this fat chick rubbed against my arm and BAM plasma on her shirt. That's what you get for not watching where you're going. She didn't notice the shit and just continued dancing awfully.

SERIOUSLY frozen fuckin' strawberries are better and healthier than popsicles. Holy shit. Try'er out.

"Popsicles are just like frozen Kool Aid. With a stick in it. My mom was so cheap, she didn't buy Kool Aid, she bought boxes of popsicles and melted them and we had juice for a year!" --Jon Miller

Another thing. If I was having a talk show "on location at the OC" you'd think "OMG California" and come running to the TV but then you'd be like "That's not right..." and it'd really be the Oshawa Centre.

I should tell you a story but my brain is off. If it had a switch, it'd be in the down position. I can feel the gunk on my keyboard a little too slowly as my fingers do their thang and I don't think.

I hate Picnik. Hate hate hate hate! But why? Because people are dumb with it. Photoshop is talent. Picnik does all the work for you. And it's tacky too. And the quotes are not cool and often not in a good colour: Mega clash! (Also an overused quote is from Don't Stop Believing by Journey which I also hate and it's one of the only songs that actually makes me angry. Like it's from the EIGHTIES and just because some prepubescent people on Glee sing it everyone's like "omg it's the best" BUT IT'S SO OVERPLAYED and I can't handle it.) But yes Picnik. If your teeth aren't the whitest, and you edit them in Picnik, I can tell that your teeth aren't actually that goddamn white. It's not possible and it looks so tacky. Stop. And also the shittastic quotes and whatnot somehow trigger people to write "bestfriend." Best and friend are two separate words. They don't belong together. And it's understandable maybe if you pronounced it like that in vocal slang but no one says it like that. They say it as two separate words. So why must people put them tofuckinggether. Stop. Perchance all the people who use Picnik are also grammatically uneducated. Who knows. I should do a study.

Russell Russell Rhymes with muscle.
Holy moly you're a troll-y.
Couchy couchy couchy couchy.
pow pow pow pow.

I want to see Splice the movie.

Have a pleasant evening.



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