Woah o_O

So this was my night, Enjoy.

AGHHHHHHHHHRGGG! MEh HeeeD Is floating awaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrrr

My head has no heliummme to float to the floor

But my hurrrdd has enough to floattttttt

I'mmmmm Leave on a hoooot air HEAD

Float away Float away To the land of The NBA

Float back Float back To the land of Ideels-i-lac

BUT YEAH! I seen a fucking UFO last night man. Actually The Night of July 30th 2010, so Tonight to me, but to everyone else yesterday, OK! So me and Cameron were sitting on the streeeet , while we watched cars go backwords and turn around. We got up and walked over to the mail box and obseerived the street art. Interesting I thought to myself, as we continued to talk about stuff. Sunddelly over the horrizion a beam of light starting in the middle and ending on the left. It was a ufo! I fucking see a UFO! I'm like laughing and can't get the thought out of my head. It was to bright to be a comet or something oor a plane IT was pretty much a ufo.

Man I'm sounding dumb.

I just mean it was fucking crazy that I saw a UFO. But for a min there, me and Cam were like FUCK I DONT WANT TO MEET ALIENS NOW! But they never came. I want to draw the UFO. So I willl. buttt

I need to flaott up man kno my nhands are filled with hylimumme its hard to type case they keep floating away! LMAO

Drive and Change mean the most!

Arrives with us
Brings truth to
and Forrr
Door closes on
Son is comming up from
Goat tracks mix with Boat tracks and everyone sings happily
Bombs and sticks jump for trix brack your ankles and bleed and DIE
Owls watch we want them to stop, soon we'll all be cooked in a pie


Yo I'm Hungry
You look fungly
Now I'm stumbling
On to Vidya games.....
I'm going to get food. GOOD NIGHT CANADA!


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