Food vs Illness ft. The Death Chamber

Good day. This evening, I went to Subway and I ordered some roasty beefy subs for some bizarre carnivores I know, and I got myself a groovy veggie patty thing. I've been so super used to not eating meat... like it doesn't even affect/effect (I still don't know the difference between those words. English minor can suck my tits) me anymore... unless someone cooks bacon parce que that used to be my one weakness in the world, and even still I don't eat it. I'm impressed with myself *pat on the back.* Anyone who knew me before I stopped eating meat knew that bacon was the way to my heart. Now breakfast of any kind [not containing meat] is the way. Parfaits. Mmm.

OH speaking of parfaits... I went to McD's this morning for coffee because I was sick and lazy and I decided to get a parfait and IT WAS EXPIRED since yesterday evening. I uh... ate it anyway... and it was good. Also I'd like to clarify that I didn't order it from the McD's I work at (we got standards yo).

Mind you, I can't really taste anything right now so it really could've been disgusting. I'm sick and I hate being sick because you can't taste your food which is like my main joy in life. I bought a lovely Iced Cap. today and I thought to myself "this is so exciting because it is going to be so delicious to drink" and then I took a sip and it was insta-heartbreak. It tastes like cold+sugar and then after a while I get that oh-so-welcoming sour coffee taste in my mouth. Being sick is awful.

What's not awful is discovering a fabbity fab loft in your garage (even though you're moving in 6 days and you can't really enjoy it, oh well). And I was chillin' up there last night bein' all sick and whatnot with music and the lovely rain comin' down. Good thing my friends were willing to chill with a viciously contagious sicko. I had a marvellous night! My friend showed me this song that is probably one of the greatest I've heard. Click here to enjoy it! Thanks Jon (you have the best music taste bud).

In other excellent news SEAN IS BACK and I am so happy because a girl is nothin' without her twin! I'm sure he has some interesting stories that I'm anxious to hear about...

I've really been uncreative lately. This move is gettin' to me. I have a sweet dead body compartment in my closet which is wicked. No it's not a joke it really exists. And my room is no longer called "my room" it's called The Death Chamber. It's painted a lovely vermillion (which is such a badass word).

ENOUGH with my redundant babble. Take care!

Ps. TWICE this week little children have ran out in front of my car without looking and holy fuck does it ever scare me. Where are these dumbass kids' parents? Like, I know I look like the Grim Reaper but I really would rather not run over your kids. TRAIN THOSE THINGS!


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