Just Because You're Ugly...

I never watch TLC. I don't even think it's on my TV. But alas I am at Kelsey's house and here there is TLC and we have been watching it all day. And there is this fascinating show called "Toddlers & Tiaras." And I hate it and I love it and I hate it.

So basically it's these fat fucking American ugly ass hick mothers lathering their small children in makeup and fucking spray tan and shit. And they spend like three grand on glittery slutty ass outfits so they can live vicariously through their dumb kids. Like, these kids can't even talk! But they prance around on stage because their parents are too ugly and pathetic to do anything with their lives. And seriously if you watch the show, 9/10 mothers are hideous and gross and fat. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY. And their kids are all like "nooo I don't want to do this mommy. I don't want fake eyelashes and eyeliner and wigs and fake teeth..." but the moms go "NO KID I'm too ugly for you to not do this." Well, kinda...

Kids are not dolls. They are not play things. It just... I don't even know. I have too many thoughts about these awful people. This is why I hate kids, because of their dumb ass parents. These spoiled kids are going to grow up and be so awful. And then they're going to have kids and bring them into McDonald's and they're going to run and scream and pee in the Play Place.

So yea. Pageants. Don't do that to your kids. It's gross. You're gross. If you want them in some kind of competition, I suggest curling. Good hearty Canadian competition. I guess hockey could work too... At least they'll get exercise and won't turn out fat and ugly and thus making them put their children into pageants and continue the cycle of awful.


Ps. Sorry for so much prejudice. I'm aware of it.


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