♫ I Said There Ain't No Cure...

I would like to begin saying I am so dedicated to writing that I am at McDonald's using their WiFi so I can... ya know... write. Also, I am eating a much desired parfait which is making me oh so chipper. I must say though, I'm quite self conscious that someone is getting napkins behind me and reading these delicious words. FUCK YOU PEOPLE BEHIND ME LOOKING AT MY MONITOR! Just kidding. Read my blog. It's aliensuperduo.blogspot.com. Check it out. You're mentioned and everything... Okay now go away please.

Omg GROSS GROSS GROSS some dude just walked in here with bare feet. I duno how good of an idea that is, but since I work here and I've seem the bathrooms and also I am fully aware of the lack of aim gentlemen have whilst pissing and then they track it through the store...
Okay no it's not that bad but really. Weird. Dirty. Athlete's foot.

So I've been moving from one house to the next these past few days and seeing a lot of things from my past and how cool/a fag I was. In that order. No worries folks I'm cool again. But yes, on the topic of moving, while my sister was taking some skis out of the car (and swinging them an inch away from my face) I came to a thought (is that an expression? If not, it should be). And that thought was this: A pair of skis is like a love-triangle-gangbang... there may be two of you but you're being ridden by the same person; at the same time. Fuck, I'm so intellectual.

Okay this is just a note to Sean: GRANOLA IS NOT MADE OF NUTS. STOP CALLING IT NUTS. It's funny but not.

"Why the fuck would you order those cups? They're fuckin' poison" -Sean on the McRecalled cups. To add my own two cents, they're ugly and they'll go out of style quickly. Like my shoes. But whatever. Keep up with the tiiiiimes man. I don't know what I'm saying. Whatever.

Okay, my sister just found a fortune from a Chinese restaurant dessert in her pocket and it said "time heals all wounds." I say. Yes. Unless your wound is decapitation. That would just never work out.

Also, these typical Oshawa dirtfucks are here (no offence Sean and other Oshawaians) and they're all like "yo I'm so gangstuh I have to complain about eurrythang like cell phones and lettuce and ketchup packets and my ugly ass baggy pants that hang down to my knees."

I need to wrap this up because it is Saturday and I have to get drunk or high or... play Euchre with old folks or something. So I have a final thought: To all of you Sad Sallys out there who are feelin' the summertime blues, chin up! I'd personally hug you all but I'm already kinda creepy, and I wouldn't want to exacerbate that. It will be better in time m'loves.

Ps. Speaking of summertime blues the Stray Cats are amazing! The song is so true too. Like "no you can't take the car Camille yadda yadda..." C'mon now. Girl's gotta get to the mall somehow.

Pps. Daddy bought me a new phone and it's pink. Pink is my second least favourite colour in the world (to yellow) and yet there is some kind of zest to this pink phone (my old phone was fuschia and also quite stupendous). I'm going to keep it and be mega ballin'. How girly am I? *bats eyelashes*



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